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03 May 13 - SAIC Fashion Show 2013

“...Alright, designers, make it work...” ~ Tim Gunn

Hey, blogspot readers, let’s see tomorrow’s fashion trendsetters today! 

SouthSide’s rockin’ an extra special On The Town adventure exclusively just for you, her loyal blogspot readers. Thanks to friend Billy Dec she was able to attend the afternoon fashion show of SAIC Fashion show 2013. Held at the fabulous Chicago’s Millennium Park, this annual event in it’s 79th year featured a taste of fashions to come from the minds and students attending School of the Art Institute of Chicago. And throughout the show, this reviewer noted a common theme amongst all of the designers – it was all about texture and splashes of color as well as updating the re-modernizing the classic, standard and retro looks.

After a short welcome, the show began with the Sophomore designers showing off their best designs done in white, blogspot readers. Designs by Joshua Kim (the eclectic cocktail/bridal dress), Zhi Chen, Victoria Peterson (the flared skirt look), Sojeong Hwang, Eunni Lee, See Sin Leung – to name a few had the look and feel of incorporating organic materials with either wide lapels or high collars. Some had the sense of what corporate wear would look in the near future but SouthSide could see a few being worn today. So whether it’s puffy sleeves (no not the Senfield pirate shirt look!) or something with a native tone, these designers wowed this reviewer with their fashion vision for the next decade and beyond.

Next to take the runway were the Junior designers starting with Irina Wang and her look of native-inspired fashion that was bursting with texture and colors while her models were in black (to put more emphasis on her collection not the models). There were some notable designers during this part of the show in which SouthSide like such as Tosha Sherman’s collection featuring a futuristic or anime fashion, Shay Troy and the idea of re-modernizing the classic by adding unusual flare and playing with colors and textures and Julia Chang’s using Asian influence in her collection within the color gray. Meanwhile, a few others (like Jee Hye Kim) did have SouthSide scratching her head in what the designer was trying to convey to the audience yet she was definitely impressed by Youjin Lee and her redefinition of business wear for the modern woman, Rachel Garcia and her incorporating goth and kink together and Erika Landry (in SouthSide’s opinion) who stole the show with her flaming red collection sizzled! Plus there were some fun themes to behold from designers like Jelisa Brown with her Chicago-theme in her collection, Kirsten Anderson with a Lady Gaga-inspired look and Kendal Kennedy’s fun with colorful sweets done in plastic and candy bows, blogspot readers.

Lastly, it was the Senior designers’ turn to show the audience what we could be wearing next fall and beyond, blogspot readers. Opening with Savannah Cipriano and her collaboration with Zeke Raney of redefining the business woman look with bolder colors, SouthSide was excited by the breathtaking view of the collections walking the runway that not only played with textures and colors but also a few redefined the look for the modern man. For example, take Marie Froehlich’s theme Shifting Shadows in which she paired black and blue leather with other textures (including faux fur) that had elegance and style (like the evening gown of rustic copper or gold walking the end of her show).  Meanwhile, Marianne Finneran’s theme We’re All Stories collection had a sleek blue and white style that this reviewer could see the hip 20somethings or even the young 30somethings wearing today yet Krystle Thomas’ The In-Between collection took risks by pairing black with bold colors for a look and style and Kristie Breitfuss’ Art of Noise showed how we woman can go from business to evening in a snap with neutral colors. Personally, SouthSide liked designers Courtney Schneider’s Toska collection for combining the modern style with an post-industrial look for both men and woman featuring wide shoulders and sleeves with hand pockets, Gnat Brilmeyer’s Lqqk Qreate Werq! collection rocked the sporty look for the hip young adult within an Asian-influenced style that featured a mesh of colors and patterns, Elizabeth Crum’s Moby Dick collection was a redefinition of the 70s paisley / prairie style done in neutral and macramé and Caroline Hougen’s Becky collection gave the 50s retro look and style a much more updated and modern feel, blogspot readers. Oh, this reviewer hasn’t forgotten about the men not with designers like Brian McIntyre’s Neither Here Nor There collection featured the modernized punk look (that included a skirt) with longer coattail and Asian influence, Sam Salvo’s Private Vices, Public Virtues’ collection also not featured longer coats but styled the male to look good even in darker tones ...more like redefining the punk-inspired style with elegance, and Tess Olson’s Paradisal collection featured texture along with an Asian-inspired influence but she used the texture as the patterns for her designs.

SAIC’s Fashion Show 2013 ended with a final walk on the runway featuring both models and designers as the audience gave them hearty applause for a job well done, blogspot readers.

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