Wednesday, May 8, 2013

02 May 13 - Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide’s rockin’ inside a historic movie palace with a group of friendly neighbors! Tonight, this reviewer is lost amongst the crowded main floor while rockin' with Nashville’s Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors who were opening for Need To Breathe’s “Drive All Night” Chicago tour stop.
This reviewer highly recommends rockin’ with this singer/songwriter duo and his lively neighbors at their next scheduled performance, blogspot readers, for the heartwarming emotion wrapped inside an uplifting “feel good” Americana rock sound. Performing songs off their latest release, Good Light, this band impressed SouthSide with plenty of danceable fast-paced tempos and the sentimental lyrics that at times burst to life especially whenever front man Drew and co-vocalist Ellie sung together. She enjoyed how this vocalist pair not only complemented but also fed off each other in both lyrics and music. For example, take their acoustic duet towards the end of the performance in which SouthSide felt the heartfelt words pouring into the microphone ...never had she heard such tender words while Drew and Ellie expressed their deepest thoughts to their fans. This, in SouthSide’s opinion, was the highlight of Drew’s rockin’ set.
And this reviewer doesn’t want to forget about the entire band either, blogspot readers. Each Neighbor member truly captured the fun mood and/or tone of the songs performed in order to make the vivid imagery pop to life for this crowd. It was as if you weren’t the audience but part of the neighborly jamboree rockin’ the stage. Besides immersing you within the heartfelt tenderness in which you felt moments of longing and heartache, Drew and the band also made you feel alive within its energizing spirit and Americana sound. A word of advice, blogspot readers, dancing is allowed when seeing this band perform especially when they closed with a vibrant bang. Just by watching a few of SouthSide’s “neighbors” around her during the show she could tell that people (even the younger audience members) were having a good rockin’ time with Drew Holcomb and his music.
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