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02 Jun 12 - Nocturna

Happy Anniversary, Nocturna!

Yes, blogspot readers, that monthly dance event recently celebrated its 24th year at Metro where the Mistress of the dark underground scene, DJ Scary Lady Sarah and host William Faith welcome the vamps to Goth and many others in between to this rockin' celebration. Created for those who simply enjoy more than dressing up in dark fashionable wear, Nocturna is more like a social community where one can dance as well as hang out with friends (or make new friends) or people watch til dawn to a solid yet unique playlit of music created by members of Nocturna.

Tonight at Metro, SouthSide and her guests along with many others turned this popular Wrigleyville venue into a hip underground club for its special event that featured a raffled giveaway - 5 pairs of Ministry tickets to see them live on Jun 28th at Vic Theatre. Plus GlitterGuts was on hand snapping away at the dancers or at their photo booth to capture how eleborately dressed the Nocturna members looked. And what truly makes this event special, blogspot readers - it's an environment where there's no judgement or prejudice amongst the attendess ...not towards how you're dressed or dancing. Everyone is made to feel welcome and safe especially by Sarah and William. Besides the music and community gathering of friendship, Nocturna is all about supporting local business and artists too, blogspot readers. This month's local business was Do Bats Eat Cats ( which featured the latest fashionable jewelry and more to accessorize your dark Goth look. SouthSide highly suggests checking out the lovely skull dangle earrings to neckpieces on the website.

Nocturna always features the best in what's current and new from underground and/or indie / alternative artists. So don't expect to hear any big named pop star on the dance floor, blogspot readers, but you might hear Ministry ...or Depeche Mode to Ladytron (like Destroy Everything You Touch - SouthSide's latest "that song is stuck in my head" of the month) and Frontline Assembly to entice you to show off your fancy footwork on the dance floor. This months's playlist (as hard as Sarah tried to accommodate everyone's request) featured a rather interesting spectrum of songs some of which SouthSide hasn't heard since her youth - like Siouxsie & the Banshees- Peek a Boo, The Cure- In Between Days, Peter Murphy- I'll Fall With Your Knife, and David Bowie- Scary Monsters. Yet she did enjoy others played during the night such as BlutEngel- Über den Horitzon, Helium Vola- Omnis Mundi Creatura, Crystal Castles- Not in Love (feat. Robert Smith), My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult- A Daisy Chain 4 Satan and many many more. Sarah usually via member requests taps into her HUGE playlist of shoegaze, ethereal, post-punk, new wave, darkwave and beyond to keep Nocturna dancers on the floor until dawn (around 5a). But do pace yourself. If you're running low on sugar, Sarah has a cool cauldron of candy sweets handy on stage by her DJ booth.

And you don't have to be a "professional" dancer to rock the dance floor, blogspot readers. Create your own steps as the floetry of any particular or favorite song moves you. Or simply watch the others showing off their fancy footwork might even catch SouthSide dancing like she did on Saturday to Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus or Ashbury Heights- I Can Kill You So Easily. However, if dancing's really not your "thing", try people watching, blogspot readers. SouthSide does it when resting between a group of songs. It's fun watching the parade of fashion on display whether happening on the dance floor or moving around Metro because you never know what will appear on a given month perhaps a Villain or VVasher (woman). Last month, someone was fashionably dressed as a dashing pirate ...another month, this reviewer was entranced by the mysterious Phantom and his seductive dance movements. This month was no different. Many, dressing to impress themselves and not others, spared no expense with their clothes came in a lovely corsetted dress ...a few others were in their post-industrial look complete with gas masks. Yes, blogspot readers, fashion is whatever you make of it for Nocturna. The fashion reflects the style and/or who you want to represent which is truly the beauty of Nocturna. You're free to be who (or dress) what you want to be.

It was an exceptional turnout for this month's Nocturna "meeting", blogspot readers. The dance floor was at a constant state of movement with fashionable people having a great time amidst the hot playlist of songs keeping them there. Yet don't fret if you missed this Nocturna. There's other offshoots you can attend like Nocturnica (dark underground electronica version of Nocturna), Back to the Grave and The Lonely Tarts Club. If you live and/or around Chicago, join the Nocturna Chicago Facebook Group to get information about and pertaining to the American Gothic Productions club event, Nocturna as well as meeting other members.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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