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27 May 12

*SouthSide sincerely apologizes for the delay in posting this review*

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's spending part of her holiday weekend resting ...as well as rockin'. She attended part 2 of this special doubleheader concert at Wicker Park's hippest rock venue - Double Door featuring local favorite Poi Dog Pondering. Though hot and steamy outside, there was a cool atmosphere for fans packed inside to enjoy the smooth flow of soulful vibrations provided by friend DJRC. His DJ set got the party off on a good note with his mix of retro and classsic as well as neo-soul collection of R&B/Funk and more. Just what this crowd needed to warm up for Poi Dog tonight.

After being thoroughly prepped for tonight's main event, WXRT welcomed the crowd of excited Poi Dog fans to the show which the band was met with a rousing show of cheers and whistles. These fans certainly loved their Poi Dog music and songs based on the type of different reactions witnessed by SouthSide while observing them throughout the concert. Some were reliving many happy romantic fun times ...others following this band since day 1 as they sang along to each and every song. For many years, Poi Dog Pondering has rocked and grooved their beloved fans to their eclectic vibrations of a unique blend of genres that include Acoustic/Americana/Folk/R&B/Soul/Funk/Electronic/Disco and the list could go on and on, blogspot readers. And it was this type of sound along with lively, upbeat tempos and dynamic vocals (by Frank Orrall and Charlotte Wortham) that constantly kept many swaying, dancing, and etc to the rhythmic beat. Believe it or not, there wasn't a single moment during this near two hour (or so) party in which this crowd was motionless. Each song performed whether it was Space Dust, Living With The Dreaming Body or Be The One, Poi Dog fans were groovin' to the luscious vibes flowin' all around them. A few times the Poi Dog music was quite infectious that the entire venue was alive with happy people compared to the times where fans simply swayed to their selected favorite Poi songs. Yet ...actually every song was a favorite song.

Besides rockin' fans with vibrant yet explosively dynamic music and sound from their original songs, Poi Dog Pondering is also known for their cover renditions, blogspot readers. Check out their hot rockin' version of Stevie Wonder's Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours) featuring exuberant bursts of excitement and energy. Yet that wasn't the ONLY thing popping the roof off this venue with such momentumous life. There was also the soulfully hot dynamic voice (by Charlotte) excitedly singing the lyrics that drove many loyal fanatics wild. This band totally owned this classic R&B song as well as the sultry version of Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On. *fans self* It was about to get all sexed up with sensual heat inside Double Door, blogspot readers, due to the very very male falsetto vocals (by Kornell Hargrove) igniting the sizzling flames throughout the venue. He totally made this cover too hot to handle for SouthSide while Poi Dog upped the contemporary funk sound within the R&B groove which gave it a smooth tempo and rhythmic beat for everyone to "get it on". That right there, blogspot readers, was one memorable cover rendition this reviewer has ever witnessed. In between the covers, Poi Dog rocked out the venue with a mix of classic and new songs featuring a hot disco setting (lights off and the Double Door's disco ball glowing) as well as heartfelt downtempo moments that brought out the dynamic powress of Frank's vocals.

Now, this reviewer would like to share every tiny detail of this hot show with you, blogspot readers, however she feels it wouldn't be fair. How can she properly capture the intense emotions expressed on each fan's face when hearing that favorire Poi Dog song ...remember that romantic time when first hearing it ...or how this orchestral band jumped and jived on stage with the very little room they had. It was an amazing night of music happening here. And not to take away your own personal experience, SouthSide highly suggests attending Poi's next show to experience and create your own memories with this legendary band ...be prepared to party all night long too.

For more information about Poi Dog Pondering, visit http://www.www.platetectonicmusic.com.

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