Wednesday, November 9, 2011

05 Nov 11

Hey, blogspot readers, welcome to an extra special On The Town "club scene" review. Tonight, party along with SouthSide as she rocks a late night show featuring Designer Drugs (NY), PLS DNT STP (Please Don't Stop in text speak), Black Matter and friends Gemini Club (live DJ set) during the Sex Cult Initiation Tour. Presented by React & Wolf Ho Inc., Reggie's Rock Club was instantly Reggie's "the hottest electronica/dance party" Club on the Southside when this fashionably dressed reviewer arrived. This venue had everything for the hip dance/club fan would ever want under one roof - the right atmosphere and mix of music and spectacular glow of Reggie's lighting fx (which also included outlandish yet tripped out random video images on the screen).

The dance floor (as well as the balcony) stayed in constant state of motion throughout the night as dancers were vibin' to remixed industrial/electronica DJ sounds and dazzling mind-trippin' images. Some dancers added their own sparkling glow to the scene with glow sticks and/or finger glow rings. At the bewitching hour (midnight), the party totally rocked to life within the energizing intense nonstop action and music of the DJ team - PLS DNT STP. The music itself, blogspot readers, immediately pumped more vibrant momentum and energy amongst the already hyped crowd amidst the frantic fervor of heart-pounding music and rhythmic beat. The sound was quite infectious as well as contagious to which SouthSide enjoyed the mad crazy digitalized music of this DJ performance. Continuously, PLS DNT STP kept this party scene under its hypnotizing electronic fun especially when the track "Charlie Sheen" played and that truly intensified the scene below SouthSide. Most of the wildness happening at this time was primarily contained close to the stage while mesmerizing the party with a remixed classic 80s pop hit - Crush On You.

Between 1a and 2a (and yes, this reviewer was still dancing), things were seriously getting wild ...crazy and almost out of control on the main floor while many were having a good time when Desinger Drugs ( finally took over. Now the heart of the party scene had commenced, blogspot readers, as this rockin' duo energized the party within their furiously fast excitable remixes and club beats. This new wave of sound not only pumped momentum and ensnared the crowd within its music but also caused a series of stage diving and body surfing. This crowd was insane! Definitely the wildest party this reviewer has ever attended. She enjoyed the intense vibe and sound ...momentum that rocked the Designer Drugs set from the music pulsating throughout the venue. During the nonstop excitement of this DJ performance, fans had invaded the stage area rockin' out with all the DJ performers. However, SouthSide hadn't seen crazy yet until Designer Drugs closed out their set with Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. Moshing ...rioting ...more stage diving and body surfing (until security snagged the person) ...sprayed water over the crowd as well as free stuff goodies tossed into the crowd. Whoa ...what a euphoric rush that was.

Sadly, the party had to come a crashing close, blogspot readers, but not until Black Matter sent us home with a rockin' new track specially mixed for tonight's (short) show. SouthSide liked the vibrant sound that featured melodic yet dramatic crescendos, heart-pounding bursts of music and vocal arias intricately woven inside the beats. Overall it was a fantastic party ...yeah it was a bit crazy and wild - that's how SouthSide likes rock out a fun Saturday night.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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