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One On One with Sid Yiddish


Sid Yiddish – the local scene’s mysterious throat warbler ...a former America Got Talent contestant ...Denmark’s favorite non-Dane celebrity ...leader of his Candy Store Henchmen band ...and now. a “Ludacris video extra turned college grad student”. Yes, blogspot readers, you read correctly. Sid Yiddish, that man of mystery sometimes dressed his infamous Jewish costume for shows, was part of the Ludacris video for “Jingalin’” over the summer. And spotting Sid in it won’t be too hard either ...he’s the only non-practicing Orthodox Jew hanging out with the ladies. After a long busy summer and beginning of fall, SouthSide was finally able to snag a few moments with the space alien from Saturn, Texas in his “office” at Columbia College recently to chat about what’s new within his universe to how he landed that role in Ludacris’ video and more.

After settling into his underground lair, SouthSide began the interview with Sid’s description of himself today compared to a year ago within five (5) words or less. According to him “ comparison...” but he kindly added “...educational adventurous inspiring innovative tuqueish...” Tuqueish, blogspot readers, was Sid’s new word of the day.  So what evil plots or schemes does an “...educational adventurous inspiring innovative tuqueish...” have planned for unsuspecting earthlings? Well, he’s learning how to use the universe then he’ll eventually teach his method to others well as “...take over the solar system then [the] universe ...maybe the world...” IF it’s still here after 21 Dec 2012. So what’s new and happening in Sid’s world, you might wonder, blogspot readers. Believe it or not, this former AGT contestant has a publicist! Recently, he met with the “team” who will be handling everything which includes getting “...gigs and world wide fame...” This package also includes putting together a Wikipedia page  that might have a mention (or two) of SouthSide. Don’t believe any of the rumors about Sid and her doing a waltz across Wabash towards State St, blogspot readers. Even though he couldn’t say (“...hush hush...” says Sid), the “team” is currently working on some stuff for the upcoming holiday season.


In his weird Furby voiceover for SouthSide’s daughter as entertainment. Sid briefly relayed the story on how Lee Klawans of Dr. Evil Publicity ( approached this local space alien and take him on as their very first client. So far, he has met an entertainment attorney, social media person and many others who are hard at work on his image and future gigs. At Columbia College, Sid is listed as a First Year Interdisciplinary Media & Arts Immediary grad student under its three (3) year program in which he loves. Funny thing is, blogspot readers, he’s not the only Sid in class. He also  added that his advisor (for the year) is Paul Catanese and “...[the] teachers are great...” He had done three (3) presentations that two had featured The Henchmen performing in classroom with him. As you can imagine, it did attract curious onlookers on those particular days. “...[we] did a parody of Mack The Knife as Stake The Knife...” that showed off Sid’s patented hand movements to direct the band. Also, he did another one titled Ninety Minute Delay on the Eisenhower. Then recently, he got a little dicey with a “blue” film called Blinded By Masturbation (in which has received over 70 views thus far on YouTube, blogspot readers). Briefly, Sid told SouthSide the censored story of how he caught his female Terrier, Nutters, doing the act (while using her tail) ...and believe it or not, the dog’s fixed. Sid does have respect when it comes to underage kids in the room and did his best to control his language.

Yet, it doesn’t stop there, blogspot readers. Sid has been busy doing things with MultiKulti like Fractulation where in one part he’s plunging to earth and PSAs Volume I 2011 – 2012 (came out over a month ago) that features another SouthSide friend, General Patton. Besides that, Sid has been busy with new releases such as Sid Yiddish Live @ Mr. Earl’s Funhouse (it’s a short run – 31 copies under the label, Human Burial Records (located in Kenosha, WI) ...sometime next year, there’s Covered Wagons (under the Trash Fuck Records), Stentor Radio Interview (a 2010 interview with Denmark’s Clean Boys) and then off Placenta Recordings (located in MI), Danish Viking Astronaut. Here’s what Sid had to say about that “...they approached me ...wanted to record me if you can believe that...” PLUS, there will be a box set of Sid Yiddish, blogspot readers! It will feature early Sid (before Sid became the Sid Yiddish we know today) dated from 1979 to 1999 (Vol. 1) and 1999 to 2009 (Vol. 2) “...who does this?!” Sid excitedly exclaimed. And like the Sid Yiddish Live CD, this box set will be limited-run too. That’s not all, Sid fans! Sid Yiddish and his Candy Store Henchmen have a new album titled – Leather Strawberries Live On WZRD (according to Sid the title has nothing to do with sex’s about fruit rollups). He thought it was a great title since aliens like him (especially those from Saturn, Texas) eat and LOVE Hello Kitty Fruit Snacks. “...[It] gives you energy to zap more people...”

And, we’re still NOT done, blogspot readers. In the meanwhile, Sid’s working on a return trip to Denmark for the Summer where he’ll be part of a book project of translated Danish poetry. The exchange program will include 3 to 5 dates here as well as there but Sid hopes his extremely busy schedule will allow it. There’s another project in which Sid posed for a photographer/artist, Ed Patterson as the biblical figure, Abraham sacrificing Issac for a church located in Greenwood, IN. The photographs were taken at Indiana Dunes and here’s another interesting fact, blogspot readers, Jason “Evil” Covelli (of Human Burial Records) portrayed Noah. “...hopefully I’m able to attend the opening [happening sometime in Spring of 2013] ...will start a Kickstarter program to go...” And if that’s not enough Sid Yiddish news you can use, there’s more. He was an extra (an spectator) in a 17th Century period piece about Daniel Mendoza, the first Jewish world champ boxer when he beat Sam Martin, the Bath Butcher ...according to UK Boxing History, King George III was a fan of Menoza. On Oct 6th, one of Sid’s cover songs, Man Titties, was aired on the Dr. Demento Show, blogspot readers. Then with Torque Monks, Sid hopefully will have the album Behold The Pale Monk, Healthy Poison and Live @ Solarium De Luna  released sometime in 2013. As if that’s not enough, he also has more compilations that were TOO many to name during this interview. However, expect to see Sid Yiddish somewhere ...anywhere and/or everything next year.


So how did Sid land a role in Ludacris’ hit video, Jingalin’ (and he LOVES saying that word, blogspot readers)? In his Ferbie voice again, he told SouthSide the brief version of this long, interesting story. About eight (8) months ago, Sid sent out emails to land various gigs until a casting agent contacted wondering if he wanted to come down to Atlanta for a video shoot. At first, he declined the offer but his label, Aleatory Records flew him down. That’s when he found out why the famous rapper/hip hop artist Ludacris wanted him – “...what Jew works on Sabbath [Saturday]?” Plus, they thought he was a practicing Orthodox Jew. Sid did tell this reviewer that they did cut the one scene where he’s playing a dice game with the sheik which is almost a set for the “ a Jew, Sheik, etc enter a house party” type of joke, blogspot readers. He even showed her the actual dice that was used for the video ...a notable keepsake from his mark within hip hop/rap world. Yet, it wouldn’t be Sid Yiddish if he didn’t do a parody of Ludacris’ Jingalin parody where there’s an alternate version by Jew-dacris by MultiKulti. Despite Sid’s recent as well as future accomplishments, Sid Yiddish is quite humble. And that’s the honest truth, blogspot readers. “...[It’s] gotten me open to more doors ...more coverage [including] more Facebook fans, gigs and records...” Those who have recognized him (from the video) on the “L” (Chicago’s elevated public transit system) ask him “How can I meet Ludacris?

With Sid’s enormous and busy schedule between recording, show appearances (sometimes with the other local masked man, Flabby Hoffman) and school, you might wonder how he can add one more on top of what he has on his plate. He was part of the Great Fire & Traveling Truck Show in which he and others traveled around town as sideshow acts (an homage to the traveling sideshow acts of the early 19th Century) performing feats of amazement and more. Sid told her it contained a bunch of actors and actresses, a tarot card reader and also a bearded bee lady to entertain the audience. Sid, though trying his best to describe what his performance was, told this reviewer that he does something with banjos ...something that’s never been done before at a Sid Yiddish show. SouthSide wished she could have attended the final show (held in Pilsen) since ABC’s 190 North (a local news/entertainment program) was going to be there to film.

Before ending this interview, Sid did reveal that he’ll be an election judge for the upcoming Presidential election and his considering a spec for a commercial (he let SouthSide see the email ...sorry, blogspot readers, she can’t reveal that secretive tidbit to you.) Also, coming soon on the internet – and despite currently under construction, there are photos of Sid on there. PLUS – he’s going back to the studio with Tom Repentry (of Monk 9) where they’re working on a parody of that popular song – PSY’s Gangnam Style.

You can find Sid (as well as His Candy Store Henchmen) on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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