Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New Music review

Hey, blogspot readers - SouthSide's up to her ears with new music ...locally and nationally as well as internationally with more arriving into her inbox every single day! There's something for everyone to enjoy this spring / summer of 2015. 

She highly recommends checking out the following artists/bands...

“Poison the Well” – single
Movement I
Textures of Lions
Local band rockin’ the stage with their brand of hard-hitting, guitar experimental/progressive rock, blogspot readers to which had this reviewer liking its gritty sound (especially during track 1 – “The Golden Age”) …plenty of wicked riffs to keep the head banging to the intense yet raw rhythms …basically, this band lets its music do most of the talking for them in between lyrics (sung by front man Chris Pacific) …SouthSide recommends listening to “Pyramid Sky” for that dreamy electric pop feel as well as the featured single “Poison the Well”.

“Beneath the Sun” (ft Elisa Coia) – single
Creature In The Woods
Creature In The Woods
Check out this single by Brooklyn, NY producer (name withheld) who combines an interesting music flavor of psychedelic, dance, hip hop, downtempo and electronic with guest vocalists in this EP release. What SouthSide enjoyed about this artist retains a rhythmic floetry that’s not heavy relied upon the bass, blogspot readers. Sometimes, the tracks contain a light and airy feel as heard in the featured single “Beneath the Sun”…or take a dreamy cosmic trip around the universe in “In My Spaceship” (ft Elisa Coia and Stan Ipcus on vocals) …truly loved the bounce and rhythmic style …perfect for a club/dance scene.

“Trial and Error” – single
From the land of down under, comes this recent  EP release by Calais in which had SouthSide and test audience rockin’ to the band’s rock alternative sound …the reviewer enjoyed the vibrant guitar rhythms while the teen liked the danceable beat …says it’s what kids today like listening to especially during Calais’ featured single “Trial and Error”.

“White Dress” (ft Deutsch Duke)
Set Mo
From the Aussie duo, Nick and Stu, Set Mo has brought a refreshing sound as well as revival to House music, blogspot readers, with this single. Wow …that’s all this reviewer can say about the featured single “White Dress” (featuring vocalist Deutsch Duke) …it has a vibrant floetry yet rhythmic tone that’s perfect as a cool down effect at the club (also another club track that’s not heavy on the bass but will keep your club attendees glued to the floor).

“Frighteners” – video single
Check out this heavy metal from McAllen, TX that’s rockin’ YouTube with their latest singe – “Frighteners”, blogspot readers …the video has all of the right amount of creepiness as well as head banging, raw screamo rock to smack your face with …this reviewer suggests turning up the volume on the highest setting just to feel every ounce of intensity from front man Chris’ vocals and guitars.

“Legend” – single
From Ale Maria, Spain, it’s Anglo-Spanish rock that has this raw edgy yet gritty music appeal and feel that had this reviewer’s head banging to the band’s featured track – “Legend” …she was totally digging the retro sound …so fast and furious and sometimes quite dirty – that’s how she likes her rock-n-roll, blogspot readers.

“Liquidator” –single
The Dead Heavys
This reviewer is no stranger to rock music from the Emerald Isle however she was blown away (again) by what’s rockin’ across the pond by The Dead Heavys. Their latest single “Liquidator” immediately had SouthSide addicted to its psycho rock pop sound …featuring Aisling Browne of Cut Once (as guest vocalist – adding some intense yet soulful tone to this song), this single features plenty of excitable energy that builds up to “in your face” blast of music and vocals to get you groovin’ to the rhythms …now, she’s ready to hear the rest of the album.

Electric Brain Activity
Maniac du Jour
Lots of brain activity coming from this Italian band that includes a healthy dosage of heartfelt ballads and head banging grit of rock-n-roll, blogspot readers. SouthSide had a fun time rockin’ her ears to the electric soundwave vibin’ throughout this album due Maniac’s use of various genres represented. She recommends checking out the acoustic ballad “Red Butterfly” before getting smacked in the ears with tons of anger and guitar grit of “My Personal War” …this is where front man Paride makes you feel the frustration within his raspy vocals. She also recommends riding the electric dreamwave with Maniac in “Desert River” that will definitely float your brain activity away as you enjoy the calming, soothing effect of the guitar rhythms at the end of the album.

“On The Right Side” – single
By The Ocean By The Sea
Buffalo Sunn
Another band from the Emerald Isle rockin’ the local airwaves with their brand of alternative / cosmic rock sound. Buffalo Sunn had this reviewer (as well as the test audience) instantly grooving to the rhythmic vibe in which the featured single garnered a HUGE “thumbs up” from the teen …it’s something she’s currently into with other notable bands like Artic Monkeys, Cage The Elephant, Foster The People. SouthSide is looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

New Politicians
Post-punk / alternative fans, SouthSide has found the “perfect” band for you! She suggests checking out New Politicians (from NJ) and their latest album– Remission just released last week. Seven tracks to which this reviewer found herself immediately submersed into the dark, moodiness (featuring plenty of electric post-punk rock) heard in featured songs like “Cut A Hole” and “Killer on the Mend”. Taking their cue and sound from the legendary post-punk band, The March Violets, blogspot readers, shouldn’t expect these guys to imitate and/or re-create …nope – they have elevate it their own style and electric soundwave. Though it was SO hard to choose which to spotlight, she was instantly hooked with “Revelator” and the dark poetry of “Images” …even “The Idealist” left her thinking but wanting more.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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