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06 Apr 12

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide spotted the Easter Bunny! That mysterious white rabbit was getting an early jump on the holiday weekend in the Lakeview area where he left baskets of eggs-cellent treats and music goodies for all at Elbo Room. There the Friday night patrons crowded this popular hang out for local music to see and hear bands like friends Labirinto (from Brazil) and Beneath The Stares rock the stage in the downstairs lounge.

Labirinto 2 Labirinto 4
Opening with a gradual symphonic crescendo rise to draw your attention inward to the eclectic sound, this band thoroughly impressed this reviewer with their vibrant experiemental rock music. SouthSide highly suggests getting to know her new friends from Brazil - Labirinto, for the rockin' epic instrumentals that containe bursts of electrifying guitar riffs amidst flowing electro melodies and thundering percussion rhythms. You simply had to be there, blogspot readers, to hear how breathtaking but vividly complex and complicated Labirinto's music was to the ears. Yet while immersed within the experimental rock sound, SouthSide felt her imagination soar along with the band throughout this energizing performance. It was an incredible journey via the music mind of Labirinto's composer(s) in which had the essence of being passionately alive with its combined electric-percussion floetry. Each member of this quintet band vigorously performed the set list thus exciting the listening audience no matter if the sound contained a gentle calming lull or an intense session of clashing guitars and percussions. SouthSide enjoyed the intensified momentum as heard in the epic song Cairo and Turin (both songs and more are featured on Labirinto's latest CD - Kadjwynh). Sadly this was the last appearance of the US tour but do not fret, blogspot readers, Labirinto promises to return next year ...especially to Chicago. Besides performing at Elbo Room, they also rocked the stage at Bottom Lounge. For more information and music, visit the band at

Headlining tonight's lineup, SouthSide's friend took the audience to the other end of the music spectrum immersing the ears into extreme melodic guitar rock and emotionally dynamic female vocals. This reviewer hihgly suggests feeling the pain and heartache while head banging to the epically intense guitar metal rock of Beneath The Stares. Don't let the band's name fool you, blogspot readers, into thinking the music has a calming lull due to its melodic sound and rhythms. However beneath that lull, there's fire and spirit of intense energy off the band's guitar rock in which electrified the stage throughout each epic song. Yet while head banging to that same hardcore metal vibe, you'll also hear the intense poetic feelings of a woman scorned or in pain as the dynamic fervor within her voice pops the lyrics to life. That, blogspot readers, is BTS' secret weapon. With Lisa fronting the band, this vocalist (sometimes accompanied with guitarist Erik on backing) made the ears as well as hearts bleed from the power of her emotional angst heard over the mic. And, that is how emotionally damaged love can be or feel the fury of what it can do to your mood. Check out song Mood Swings - this is where Lisa truly shined giving the audience a wide range of emotional fire and spite heard within her vocals amidst the hardcore riffs to match her voice. Also check out the soon-to-be triology known as Tropic of Cancer (parts 1 and 2) ...same song title but two totally different songs where one has a melodic downtempo guitar riff until the chorus that you feel the intense heat of the music meanwhile the other pumps hardcore fury from both music and vocals ...always performed back to back, one can hear the 'night' and 'day' between the two of this epic song. Plus SouthSide recommends new song - Thought Ammunition for the fierce female vocals which came attached to this melodic metal song. For more information about upcoming shows and music, visit

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