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17 Apr 12 - Capelle

Capelle 1

Chicago, you're like a hot girl on the dance floor

Hey, blogspot readers, Chicago was hit with another British invasion! After destroying Elbo Room Sunday night, this rockin' band of redcoats (led by an Aussie guitarist/vocalist) returned to capture Chicago - this time they seized Double Door. Wicker Park's hippest rock venue featured another free music showcase in which SouthSide's friend, Capelle shared the stage with locals Cheer Up Mooncat, The Ex-bomber and Maris Maeve who performed a solid acoustic opener.

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Last summer, SouthSide spent two magical back to back nights rockin' and partyin' with Nick and the original guys of Capelle. Tonight, he returned with a whole new band lineup ready to show the Yanks how they rock the stage especially during the last show of their US tour. This reviewer highly suggests checking out the hot rockin' muscle mix of guitar/dance/pop rock music by Capelle at their next performance, blogspot readers. Believe it or not, this band had a little of something to please the ears as well as getting you move to the intense rhythmic pop beat that's sweeping the UK radio stations across the pond. Sometimes all at the same time will you feel such boisterious sound. Capelle not only showed the Double Door audience that they're capable to rock a stage as a Brit guitar rock band amidst thrilling riffs and fiery momentum but also soulfully groove as an electro pop/dance band. In other words, blogpot readers, Capelle doubled the audience's rock pleasure and experience by performing two separate and distinct genres within one show.

Capelle 7

After exploding the ears with an intense fury of energetic sound and dynamic falsettos (by front man Nick) during Memory, Capelle led a nonstop charge of excitable rock music (especially with a trio of guitars pumping waves of twitterpating riffs during Give It All Away) until surprising the audience (not SouthSide) with some funky soul/dubstep fusion - UK style during Juxtapose (track 6 off Capelle's Crooked Deluxe CD). This reviewer enjoyed this particular song as well as personal favorite Louder (these two songs are currently getting plenty of airplay on her iPod)for the electro dubstep mixed within the band's hardcore guitar riffs which will definitely get your feet dancing to the fast rhythms and tempo. Yet what really surprised SouthSide this time was the addition of Natalie and her dynamic female vocals to compliment Nick's emotional but heartfelt falsetto voice sound during Walk Away. With her voice, blogspot readers, there was plenty of spite and energy which popped the lyrics to life thus not only electrifying the song but also the band on stage within a sultry atmosphere. Capelle also wowed their Chicago audience with a show-stopping cover of Lana Del Rey's Videogames (nicely done from a male vocal perspective) and a rockin' Brit funk/Stax sound and electro pop in Muscle Car (SouthSide also recommends snagging a copy of Capelle's CD to hear the groovy Beefcake Remix [Dubstep remix] featured as track 13).

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For more information about Capelle, visit http://www.capelle.co.uk.

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