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31 Jan 13 - Beauty Bar Chicago


Hey, blogspot readers, what do you get when you combine the ambience of a hair salon with the atmosphere of a River North nightclub in West Town? Well, you get one of the coolest places to hang out with your friends known as Beauty Bar. This unique place has been in full swing for a couple of years featuring live music and manicures 7 nights a week ...and SouthSide (finally) has ventured through its doors to see what the hub hub was all about.


It's a totally awesome place, blogspot readers, while attending one of it's R. Kelly tribute nights - a Bump & Grindcore Rock-n-Roll McDonald's theme. Yes, there were Happy Meals of free burgers and fries to go around for attendees while featured DJ sets by Moneyworth, Swaguerilla, ALL THE WAY and Danny Leroy got the crowd dancing and grooving to beat all night long. The music was totally hip and bumpin' to do your sexy, best grindcore moves to ward off the chill from your body. This reviewer enjoyed the variety of R & B artists and hits heard during her stay there - from a one-hit wonder by Color Me Bad to R.Kelly's Bump N' Grind and many more. Not many were dancing but once the hip hop/rap DJ set began many were starting to take to the floor around the bar area. Plus GlitterGuts was on hand to snap lovely shots of the attendees and in the shampoo area- video craziness by Hey! Cliche Video Club that featured a classic McDonald's commercial from the 70s!

SouthSide's dinner at Beauty Bar Chicago

Throughout the Beauty Bar, blogspot readers, there's plenty of places to sit and do some serious people watching or chat with your group of friends. SouthSide liked how the owners used old hair dryers booths (don't know they actually work) as seating inside the club. Plus, they had some of the classic hair style wall advertisements decorating the walls to keep that beauty shop ambience and touch. There are drink specials and deals like the martini-manicure special that was running all night long which feature manicurists waiting to spruce up your nails. What SouthSide really liked about this nightclub was how each attendee had their own comfortable style and friendly personality. No one was trying to outdo the other in the fashion department. This reviewer found this scene quite relaxing and didn't have feel she wasn't properly dressed to impress anyone around her.


This reviewer highly suggests checking out Beauty Bar Chicago with friends after work (it opens 5p) or during the weekend where it closes 2a on weeknights and 3a on Saturdays.

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