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15 Feb 13 - Mister 312

"...come in tight ...leave alright..." ~ Karen, Mister 312's massage therapist


Hey, male blogspot readers, SouthSide has found a place specifically tailored for you! This place features the upscale atmosphere of beauty salon within walking distance from your office (if located Downtown Chicago) but without the upscale attitude or price. She highly recommends exploring all the comforts and luxuries offered at Mister 312, "...Chicago's premier barber, beauty, spa..." just for men, during your lunch or after work hours where you can get a "The Michigan Avenue" service - $52 (it includes Shampoo/Condition, Hot Towel, Scalp Massage, Haircut/Style, Paraffin Treatment and Beverage) or "The Rush Street" - $47 (it includes Mister 312's no frills basic Shampoo/Condition, Haircut and Style to keep you on your busy schedule). Plus for young gents ages 13 - 17, Mister 312 offers same service as "The Rush Street" called "The Hancock" for a slightly lower price of $40 ...something to think about when prom season comes around.

Stephen Charles-Kendall with Serena Patrick

This unique place has it all! Besides being a full-scale hair salon, it also features a hot towel shaves (inside a relaxation-type room) to manicures, pedicures, facials and body waxing as well as massage therapy under one roof. And for those celebrity clients who want to be undisturbed while at Mister 312, they offer the same services inside both of their VIP rooms. What truly makes this place totally cool, gents - each oversize Porsche chair (and yes, SouthSide did say "Porsche" leather designed chairs) comes with its own mini TV at each salon station! That's including the VIP rooms too. So you can watch the game and/or check out the latest stock market report while getting expertly groomed by your barber/stylist. With Mister 312, this reviewer, while attending it's Friday night taste party, was told "'s all about personal service...". Yet, it's not only about taking care of your outward appearance, men. Mister 312 also would like to help you take care of the inside as well with personal training with Serena Patrick (of NBCs Chicago Fire). Serena also played hostess during the event by serving a fantastic lemonade-champagne mimosa mix and Basil Chicken Salad - they were to die for as well as a yummy assorted arrange of fresh fruit with chocolate drizzle.

"...your style IS our expertise..." ~ Mister 312's website

Nora (on the left), Master Sylist and Mr 312's Owner

During this event, gents, a couple of men were enjoying some of the services (for free) that Mister 312 has to offer. SouthSide met Stephen Charles-Kendall of Premier Working Capital Inc who was getting another haircut to which the stylist did a fantastic job of correcting a prior mistake. He was handsomely styled and readied  for any weekend activities he had planned. Another also enjoyed his haircut and though he stated that he didn't have plans for the weekend, this reviewer is probably certain his wife loved the hair grooming he received that night. Then there was Octavio Lopez of Video Productions/Digital Designs partook in the massage therapy by Karen in one of the back massage rooms. SouthSide got an opportunity to chat with this massage therapist before the tasting was over. She asked Karen how she tailors the massages for Mister 312's client to which she replied "...[it] depends on what the client needs and condition's customized to the customer's particular preference..." SouthSide then asked her how does she focus on client's needs. "...I try to keep myself centered..." By doing this, gents, she's prepared to listen with her ears and hands to what you and your body needs during the massage therapy. "...massages kinda set the balance from the imbalance..." she stated to this reviewer. And though it might be a male salon, SouthSide will be returning to try out one of Karen's Swedish massages.


Overall, male blogspot readers, SouthSide found this upscale salon to be more relaxing and friendlier compared to other places she has been and tried. The staff, Serena, senor hosts and stylists present for this particular event, always had a smile on their faces and were ready to assist in anything possible that this reviewer and others needed. This reviewer is definitely bringing her world traveling guy (and other male friends) to Mister 312 as soon as he's able to visit Chicago again.

For more information about Mister 312 and its services including memberships as well as taking a virtual web tour, visit You can even find and "like" Mister 312 on Facebook or follow them for upcoming events like this tasting SouthSide attended on Twitter.

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