Monday, September 2, 2013

31 Aug 13 - The Knocks

"...everybody dance ...and clap your hands..."

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's ready to party ...again! To cap off a very busy and exciting day around town, she went clubbing at the legendary venue in Chicago's Gold Coast area, Pump Room  North for The Knocks North Coast After Party. Earlier that day, this New York DJ duo performed at the Dos Eqquis stage at the music festival (held at Union Park in the West Loop area) but this intimate affair was designed for a selected group of invitees to have an up close and personal experience with them.

It was huge social scene here during the late night hours ...and SouthSide felt like Cinderella attending the prince's ball. And even though feeling slightly under dressed for the tres chic atmosphere, blogspot readers, this reviewer instantly fit right in with the many others enjoying and/or dancing to the bumpin' remixed music that also could be heard outside the private room as well. While having a fun-tastic time at this North Coast after party, SouthSide met and mingled with CEOs and other music promoters like Parag Bhandrari, founder and CEO of UG Strategies (New York) and one of two people who put this party together and Kris Kish, founder and Editor-in-Chief of There were others like Shawn, the other half co-authoring this party and the furniture designer who was demonstrating to his  friends about how relaxing the Pump Room end sectional was. 

Also this reviewer got the extreme chance to chat with two local DJs who opened for The Knocks by keeping this ever flowing group of people within the party mood. First, SouthSide was introduced to and chatted with DJ Miguel Martin who's also part of a band called eCHOdROIDES ( DJing since the 80s, Miguel had the right setlist of danceable remix selections which put everyone in the private room either at ease or enjoying the festive time with friends. SouthSide liked how his tracks flowed from one to the next without breaking the energetic buzz being felt around the Pump Room, blogspot readers. Then, she met Nigel Hunt after his hard hitting EDM set that (at times) kept this room constantly vibrating with intense rhythmic beats. Throughout his DJ set, SouthSide enjoyed the floetry of energy that really made you want to dance was what he was all about, blogspot readers, since he DJed a combination of old school classics such as Michael Jackson's Wanna Be Startin' Something, Inner City's Good Life, Technotronic's Pump Up The Jam and other hits with his remixed EDM rhythms. Blogspot readers are advised to keep their eyes (and hears) for HUGE upcoming news about this DJ ...sorry, SouthSide promised not to reveal what said publicly ...yet.

Before continuing the mood of the party, SouthSide had a few moments to chat with J Pratt aka James Patterson, one half of The Knocks who told her that they're "...going to be rockin' the party with a little new and old school House music..." Way cool! House music is still alive and well even in New York! And for this reviewer, it has been years since she jammed to vivacious beats and intricate remixed rhythms off sampled (or original) tracks. As soon as this duo took over the DJ booth, inside and parts of outside the private room immediately came to life with dancing party goers, blogspot readers, especially when the track Everybody Dance was played. Throughout the late night hours, J Pratt switched between DJ duties with his partner DJ B-Roc with each selected the right tracks to create the perfect mood for everybody dancing (which included SouthSide). Featured in their set were old school classics like Marvin Gaye's Give It Up that was incorporated with bumpin' bassline and Michael Jackson's PYT (Pretty Young Thing) remix. Overall, SouthSide had a fun time rockin' this North Coast after party however she had make an early exit, blogspot readers, for she had a very busy day in the morning covering Day 3 of North Coast Music Festival.

The Knocks promised to return to Chicago expect a full On The Town review when that happens. In the meantime, visit their site at or follow them on Twitter at or you can "like" them on Facebook.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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