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18 Sept 13

Even a sudden torrential storm (and then street flooding) can't stop the local scene from rockin' the night away, blogspot readers. Tonight, SouthSide's getting industrialized with a touch of Hollywood at Livewire Lounge. This popular venue for metal/punk acts featured local trio JILT opening for touring bands Dawn of Ashes and Psyclon Nine (both from CA) to near-packed crowd of fashionably dressed industrial fans. Besides the intense energy of music and aggressive theatrics dominating the stage, there was also seductive burlesque and DJ music to keep the atmosphere going in between sets, blogspot readers. Hope you have your earplugs handy's about get EXTREMELY loud in this review!

Every band can't have a perfect show ...and this was one of those nights for local band JILT. With certain streets and viaducts flooded and having to end the closing number earlier than expected (due to a fuse blown), this trio lead by Peter "Ming" Propaganda thoroughly warmed up the crowd by terrorizing the venue with a ferocious  blend of industrial/metal rock. And only given a short time for their set, they wasted no time in giving them lots of thrilling guitar riffs coupled with programmed industrial tracks to balance out the razor-sharp rock sound. Underneath the creepy red lighting, blogspot readers, the fiery hue was quite powerfully effective in adding to Peter's mysterious stage persona as he pumped vocal aggression into the lyrics especially during the band's opening song. He sent waves of chills down SouthSide's spine since it was meant to feel the spite ...the angst ...and more while capturing the frustrated mood of the generation from each word spewed over the microphone. Giving the ears a touch of raw screamo from time to time amidst the electrifying thrill of the riffs, this reviewer could see some head banging action amongst the crowd, blogspot readers. Yet, it wouldn't be a JILT show without being surrounded by the sparkly glow of grinders lighting up the stage and front area to which SouthSide experienced up close and personal until suddenly ...blackout on stage. Oops! Sad to say, they weren't able to continue due to time constraint. However that shouldn't dissuade you from checking out JILT at their next live performance, blogspot readers. For more information about this band, visit

Before rockin' out their Livewire performance, SouthSide was lucky enough to spend some time with Kristof, lead vocalist/songwriter/producer and more of Dawn of Ashes within Livewire's underground lair. He described the band as an "...industrial act [evolving] into a metal horror..." show adding the band name itself means "...beginning of the end ...end times ...end of happiness [with] hints of shock rock..." Definitely sounded like a show SouthSide could easily get into, blogspot readers. And he wasn't lying when telling her that DoA's shows featured "...lots of energy ...aggression..." and that he channels " much psychotic energy on stage..." as he possibly can. When Kris and the band stepped on stage, he certainly didn't waste any time spewing upon the crowd that intense energy and aggression (off his raw, animalistic styled vocals). Yet, DoA also added one more element to their Chicago performance to which SouthSide thoroughly enjoyed - the dramatic theatrics and terrifying persona. Kris confided to her that he feels his soul is somewhere else while performing ...and it does feel that way when he's channeling such rage and frustration  towards the crowd especially those closest to the stage. Watching him work the stage was mesmerizing, blogspot readers. Each arm movement and/or stance seemed carefully choreographed (despite obviously trying not to appear that way) to further heightened Kris' intense anger making you feel it dripping off his lips. *shivers*

Though the crowd may have appeared somewhat subdued, there were visible signs of agitation and random head-banging as a response to DoA's thunderous guitar  riffs and boisterous programmed sound thoroughly added to the band's heavy use of dramatics. However this reviewer was wise to stay a few feet away from the angry moshers blowing off steam in front of the stage. According to Kris, it's the main reason why their fans keep coming back for more Dawn of Ashes, blogspot readers. "...we put a lot of aggression and theatrics..." into the band's shows as well as mentioning that the new album contains "...topics fans can relate to ...[that] fans can connect to their music..." For this lead vocalist, he feels that's important since there are a lot of kids who have emotional disorders. Believe it or not, a lot of musicians have the same problem too. He also commented that " has negativity as well as positivity..." side. Speaking of songs, Kris personally recommends listening to DoA's new release Anathema especially the Poisoning the Steps of Babel (features Nero of Psyclon Nine), Sex, Blood & Black Magic and Insidious of the Judas Breed but one song he told this reviewer is a "...personal track about me ...about a kid with depression and emotional..." problems. That particular song, blogspot readers, is titled Scars on Scars to which Glitch of Psyclon Nine joined the band to rock it out with them. " speaks for itself ...[can] feel the energy..." And it honestly does. Scars on Scars was the band's most emotionally intense  song performed during the entire set that this reviewer did feel a connection not only to the music but to the lyrics. It was a haunting yet a dramatic way to end their performance, blogspot readers.

So when the tour is over, what will Dawn of Ashes be doing next? "...getting back in the studio to record new album Entering the Vortex.." says Kris but also mentioning there's no real set date for its release, blogspot readers. But look for Dawn of Ashes to invade Europe with a few dates, a music video and another possible tour. Yep, he's certainly staying busy, isn't he? "...[I'm] always going to be busy ...this is what I do..." About touring, he did comment it's not "...simply party and fun.." as people may think that's all a band does while on the road. "'s harder than most would realize..." From driving for hours and getting to the venue on time to lack of sleeping and eating (he almost fainted once on stage due to exhaustion), it's tough being on the road especially if you have a girlfriend or fiancee (like he does) who may raise an eyebrow or two when fans tag photos of them on Facebook. According to DoA's lead vocalist, "'s worth it..." And to their fans, the band wishes to express their appreciation for sticking with them for 12 years (something SouthSide couldn't believe). "...honestly, it's just the beginning for us..." As DoA keeps bringing new material, they only request you "...keep supporting us..."

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Headlining tonight's awesome lineup was Psyclon Nine, blogspot readers, but before performing a rather dramatically intense show of theatrics and music, this reviewer was granted an exclusive sit dow with Nero (and bandmates). Sitting comfortably on the leather couch, this charismatic lead vocalist gave SouthSide her first ever Haiku when describing the band. "...If I did no do / Psyclon Nine / I would probably / be dead..." quoted Nero the poet before stating how the band is "...bringing rock music back to when it was exciting glam..." He also commented that after glam and 80s pop had died, there was the grunge movement and that was "...boring..." Psyclon Nine according to him is a glam band of "...sewer rats from Los Angeles with feathers..." "...we make brutality look pretty..." quipped another band member. And Nero agreed. "...that's what we are ...a bunch of glitter punks putting rock back [in music]..." It was certainly the case, blogspot readers when Nero and the guys took over the stage in such of a glamorous yet thunderous fashion.  It was fun seeing him glam up the stage in his fine costumery to which the crowd instantly went wild in response especially while performing their new song Shadows Unveiled (of new album Order of the Shadows: Act 1 coming out November 1st). SouthSide enjoyed how Psyclon Nine's stage presence could be not only powerfully intense but also commanded your attention that you didn't want to miss a single moment of Nero's antics. Whether he's interacting amongst the band members or with those standing in front of the stage, there's something always happening, blogspot readers. For example, besides the occasional head-banging, beware of bouts of rough moshing and/or wild dancing ...fist pumping and more that may occur during a Psyclon Nine show. These fans were feeling what Nero and the band was feeling the raw angst and spite off the lyrics. 

During the course of the interview, Nero suggested to SouthSide (as well as those not very familiar with this band) to listen to  other songs like Suicide Note Lullaby and the title track off the album We The Fallen and Parasitic (from Crwn Thy Frnicatr) ...just to name a few, blogspot readers. This reviewer was told they create a combination abrasive electronic/metal rock music which she definitely felt within the hardcore riffs and the rising crescendos tucked inside the instrumental bridges before smacking your face with more edgy sound. Sometimes you might get the feeling the abrasive side to Psyclon Nine will tend to get too chaotic for your ears (or music taste) but that's just what this band wants you to feel, blogspot readers. It's that chaos which fuels their theatrical drama while on stage. And it's the same chaos in which fans to respond and react wildly out of control to the music when listening to Nero's raw angst spewing over the microphone amidst the gritty guitars or edgy synths rhythms. By the time it was mid-way of the performance, Nero was already baring his chest strutting around owning the stage while basking in the glam glow of his fans enjoying themselves. Sorry, ladies, he's taken but very hot to look at. Even though experiencing minor technical problems (involving their tracks not coming through clearly), these fans were enjoying every minute of edgy glam rock music eve n while given a taste of what the new album sounds like live. However Nero did state earlier to SouthSide the band " always evolving ...constantly changing..." stating they're like a "...dirty petrie dish ...growing like mold..." and how " expects us to be different each time they see us..." So in other words, don't expect the same show like the one witnessed in Chicago happening when Psyclon Nine comes to your town, blogspot readers.

So when the tour is over, what's next for this band? Besides a new album coming out soon, Psyclon Nine has a few appearances scheduled that will included tours for late 2013 and/or early 2014. "'s one of our DIY [Do It Yourself] tours..." says Nero where the band will be rockin' out smaller venues like Livewire Lounge. Yet this isn't their first Chicago appearance either, blogspot readers. This glam band has played at other venues around town like Double Door and The Abbey to which he told this reviewer about an incident when some of their fans lit a garbage can on fire because Psyclon could only performed a shortened set. He doesn't cite the venue as being at fault was more of "...a miscommunication with the promoter..." And like what Kristoff mentioned to SouthSide about touring, he also agreed "'s worth it..." despite the long hours traveling and lack of sleep. This reviewer could tell each member of Psyclon Nine enjoys doing what they do so well ...rocking out venues and interacting with their fans. And to that, Nero wanted to say to Chicago fans " should be here..." but if you couldn't, it was probably because of a flash flood.

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