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20 Aug 11

*warning - please be advised content might offend some readers*

It's day three of the worldwind magical music scene tour, blogspot readers, and SouthSide's at Bottom Lounge ready to release her inner punk rock monster free. On Saturday night, a mixed age crowd packed this popular West Loop venue to rock out with The Dwarves at their 25th Anniversary tour show. Sharing the stage with this legendary band was local acts Mickey and The Fuckers as well as Dick Delicious & The Tasty Testicles and Nashville Pussy (both from GA). However before attending the show, SouthSide highly suggests sampling Bottom Lounge's menu items like the Bottom Lounge Burger (cooked to perfection as this reviewer ordered it) and Schnitzelwich (SouthSide's friend's order ...he loved the kraut and horseradish sauce) with HUGE onion rings on the side. And oh, ask for Jenna - she was an awesome server.

While waiting for The Dwarves to perform, SouthSide did check out some of the opening acts like Dick Delicious & The Tasty Testicles who had the best quote of the night "...it's not rape but surprise sex!" Yes, blogspot readers, this hardcore raunchy, offensively crude and rude punk band is all about sex ...particularly the vagina. And this reviewer highly suggests checking them out at their next scheduled performance. Fans will definitely enjoy the fast-paced tempo, the gritty punk sound and the sex-themed lyrics that emphatically state their adoration for a certain female body part. If this type of punk music offends, then avoid listening to Dick Delicious post haste because this band will definitely taint the ears with their rockin' pervertedness especially when singing about how they love to have sex with retarded girls. Check out their other songs like Nothing Smells Lovin' Like A Used Dutch Oven and Fish Stinky Pussy. Visit http://www.dickdelicious.com for more obscene yet thundering guitar rock punk sound by Dick Delicious & The Tasty Testicles. Meanwhile SouthSide also highly recommends checking out the raw thundering guitar sound of Nashville Pussy that gets the blood boiling in your veins, blogspot readers. This reviewer liked the energizing fast-paced, "melt your face off" intense punk music as heard in songs like Keep On Funkin', Hate and Whiskey and From Hell To Texas. And just like Dick Delicious, they will offend the virgin-est of all ears yet do know how to rock down a stage with head-banging metal/punk. Visit http://www.nashvillepussy.com for more information and music by this band.

Excitement immediately swelled amongst the eager diehard fans as they patiently waited for the main attraction of the night to hit the stage. Each person was ready to celebrate 25 years (and still going strong) of The Dwarves and the band's permanent mark on the hardcore punk rock scene. She highly suggests clicking on the link (http://www.thedwarves.com) to their "25 Things You Don't Know About The Dwarves" before reading the rest of this review, blogspot readers, if you're not familiar with this infamous indie band. SouthSide found it very amusing that this band opened with the theme song to Mighty Mouse cartoon before rousing everyone with the intense metal fire of guitars and electrifying sound of their opening song. The Dwarves are certainly the greatest rock band of all time now that SouthSide has witnessed firsthand how they tore down the stage (not rocked down) throughout this incredibly, fast-paced wild and crazy rock show. And it wasn't just the band going mentally insane but their diehard fans as well though under the watchful eye of Bottom Lounge's security team. Despite one lucky fan being able to stage dive into the crowd, surprisingly this crowd was rather "calm" while rocking out to their favorite Dwarves' tunes like Working Class (Ass)Hole, We Only Came To Get High and I Masturbate Me as well as F(UK) (all songs and more can be found off their The Dwarves Are Born Again album). Never had SouthSide seen or experienced a punk rock show like The Dwarves before ... this band didn't disappoint their fans either with nonstop, hard-hitting gritty rock music with thundering percussion rhythmic sound and venomous vocal angst that could have incited a riot. Don't worry, blogspot readers, SouthSide was completely safe where she was (by the sound/lighting area) to review the show. SouthSide highly suggests blogspot readers checking out The Dwarves while they're currently on tour (along with Nashville Pussy) with stops in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Oregon. Visit http://www.thedwarves.com for tour details, music and more.

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