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05 Aug 11

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's getting sedated! Tonight, her inner punk self was alive and well when she took a break from her "vacation" to rock out The Abbey with special guest and number one fan, Joe. Both of us were excited to see and hear legendary bassist/vocalist C.J. Ramone of Ramones performing a headlining tribute set. The lineup also featured local punk/metal bands such as Kobanes, Johnny Vomit, Spare Change and Vortis. This reviewer highly recommends banding your head to Spare Change's Toxic Avenger and I Hate The CTA (best rant ever about taking public trans in Chicago) songs as well as checking out punk's loud and wonderfully crude Johnny Vomit which rocked the stage with one awesome Ramones' cover of Teenage Lobotomy and Vortis for its fast, furious "wham bam thank you ma'am" hitting your face punk rock music which totally generated high excitable energy amongst the crowd before C.J. and the band took the stage.

Hearing songs like I Wanna Be Sedated or Blitzkrieg Bop ...especially I Don't Want To Grow Up and Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight) will bring back special teenage rebellion memories for this reviewer. However to hear some of her favorite Ramones' songs live on Friday night - now that simply left SouthSide awestruck and excited like the rest of the hardcore fans moshing and slam dancing on the main floor. It was, blogspot readers, one of those chances of the lifetime for SouthSide ...to see C.J. Ramone and producer Daniel Rey rock the stage with some of the best from Ramones' discography. It was as if all of the original members were performing this tribute show because of the energized momentum felt song after song. This trio kept fans moshing as well as singing along with the band to other favorites like Beat On the Brat, Endless Vacation (dedicated to Dee Dee) and My Back Pages.

Throughout the show, blogspot readers, SouthSide heard fans shouting their personal favorite Ramones songs for C.J. and the band to play like Rock-n-Roll High School and The KKK Toke My Baby Away. Yet, fans came to life each time with such frezied momentum inciting a few riotous moments (and one fan jumping on stage in an attempt to sing with C.J.) especially when Daniel (singing Joey's parts) did Pet Semetary (featured in the Stephen King novel-based movie of the same title) and Poison Heart (in which he co-wrote with Joey). C.J. in SouthSide's opinion shined when showing his falsetto voice during I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend within the ballad's downtempo punk melody meanwhile during Strength To Endure his vocals truly energized this crowd into a fierce display of fist pumping action high in the air. And the hits kept on rolling with Listen To My Heart, Wart Hog, Swallow My Pride, a sing-along moment during I Wanna Be Sedated and Commando. As an added bonus, blogspot readers, C.J. premiered the first single off his upcoming album in which he dedicated the song Eagles On My Shoulders to his brothers, Dee Dee, Joey and Johnny. SouthSide enjoyed the modern punk vibe that had a hint of the classic Ramones sound in the guitars. In her opinion, it's destined to be another Ramones hit. Still there was more fun to be had with Ramones classic California Sun and Do You Wanna Dance before having to it a night for this busy reviewer.

What a night to remember, blogspot readers. One this certain Ramones fan will never forget. For more information about C.J. Ramone, visit his site http://www.cjramone.com.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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