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18 Aug 11

Hey, blogspot readers, it's an all-star five day weekend for this local reviewer. SouthSide's embarking on another worldwind tour of Chicago's hottest music scene by visiting six different venues from now until Monday. Her first stop was at The Abbey Pub for half priced chicken wings (thumbsup on the delicious Guinness sauce), friendly (and cute) door guys and nerd-tastic music. It was "release your inner nerd self" night where fans packed this venue to see the founder of nerdcore hiphop, MC Frontalot rock the stage. The lineup also featured SouthSide's nerdy polka friends, The Polkaholics with Brandon Patton (aka Black Lotus, MC Frontalot's bassist) opening.

Opening with a non-explosive acoustic rendition of Paula Abdul's hit, Straight Up (less poppy but more hauntingly creepy within a male falsetto), Black Lotus aka Brandon Patton rocked the stage with some of his tales about traveling around the world and his family from the new CD - "How I Allegedly Bit A Man In Gloucestershire" (it's an "allegedly" true story because he doesn't remember after too much boxswine ...yes, he's that deft). SouthSide enjoyed the wit and descriptive humor (especially within the particular song about his dysfunctional family) laced throughout the lyrics. For example, Brandon sung about his travels in Japan where the girls loved his retro hippie wear thinking he was Brad Pitt in his long flowing blonde hair. Or in Mixed Up Modern Family, he delightfully dishes to the audience all of the juiciest dirt about his parents, stepmother and other relatives. If you thought you have a screwed up family, wait until you meet his. And also hang out with a chick named Patti in Patti Likes Guys ...though she dresses and punches like a guy doesn't mean she's a lesbian ...she does in fact, blogspot readers, like guys. There was a moment when Brandon truly shined on stage as a singer/songwriter when performing the heartwarming song titled Coelacanth (off his "Underhill Downs" album) in which he wonderfully expressed his emotions disguised in a song about unique type of fish found off the coast of Mozambique within an acoustic downtempo rhythm. SouthSide highly recommends checking out the singer/songwriter side to MC Frontalot's Black Lotus aka Brandon Patton. For more information about this artist and his music, visit

Who's here for a polka party? SouthSide was as she released her inner polka nerd when her friends, The Polkaholics performed. This local trio are not only the world's most rockin' polka band but they also make the traditional polka sound so much fun and enjoyable. And you don't have to even like polka to rock out with them, blogspot readers, due to the lively energetic upbeat music which will instantly grab you. How can their polka be this rockin' enjoyable? The Polkaholics combine the basic elements of the polka sound and rhythms with other music genres such as rock, pop and even Chicago blues it some polka flavor. Trust SouthSide when she tells you - no genre is spared from their music twist ...even a gospel hymn this reviewer remembers singing as a youth got polk-dized by The Polkaholics in Hallelujah (I'm Drunk). After opening with their Polkaholic Theme, The Polkaholics were definitely ready to party as well as roll out the Beer Barrel along with this dance-happy crowd. This rockin' set featured plenty of homages to classic rock turned polka songs like the first material girl (no, not Madonna, blogspot readers) but Sharona (Julida), Ramones' Blitzkrieg Bop and Iggy Pop's Lust for Life (Lust for Beer). Oh there's no escaping the polka-dized version of the Chicken Dance especially if The Polkaholics add one extra dance move - drinking a beer while flapping your wings. SouthSide highly recommends all blogspot readers getting their polka groove on with her friends and be prepared to consume a lot of Old Style (the official Polkaholic beverage of choice). They'll be rockin' Toyota Park during Labor Day weekend for the Southside Oktoberfest. Visit for more information including about their pre-Halloween show for the kids at the Austin-Irving Public Library and music.

Nerd alert! Watch your Grammar, blogspot readers or face the "tut tut" mouthing from the head Grammar Policeman himself, MC Frontalot and his crew. However he does slip on his own grammar mistakes too so in fact you can return the "tut tut" mouthing back to him. And thus began the opening to this rockin' rap/hiphop performance by the legendary founder of the nerdcore genre. SouthSide has admitted before that she's not a huge fan of the rap/hiphop genre ...she's mostly "old school" (i.e. classic L.L. Cool Jay, Run DMC, The Sugarhill Gang). However she found MC Frontalot's rap/hiphop (as well as performance) far more enjoyable than most rap/hiphop shows she has reviewed in the past. What made this artist and the show so unique in SouthSide's opinion was the use of live music (i.e. keyboards, guitars [acoustic and electric] and drums) instead of all pre-recorded programmed 2-4 count beats and rhythms. She found the use of grand theatrically epic-sounding music (as heard in the encore "secret" song) to wicked robotic/space effects (as heard in Internet Porn and Colonel Panic) and acoustic/country/gospel rock (heard in Orgin of Species) wonderfully enhancing MC's music as well as his fast-paced lyrical rap. Plus this reviewer enjoyed not having to constantly hear about gang banging, shooting, etc within the lyrics. Nope, blogspot readers, MC Frontalot is a bonafide nerd and what he raps about is what mostly interest nerds - Internet, porn, unbelievable folklore/mythical animals, Star Wars and of course sex. Throughout the show, MC Frontalot kept the crowd of nerdcore fans grooving to the hiphop beat especially during First World Problem (which come with hand jive movements for the chorus) and It's Pitch Dark (a hauntingly creepy yet rockin' song). SouthSide particularly liked the song Goth Girls as MC humorously describes them as "...the girls who wear too much eye makeup..." plus the Phantom of Opera-like thunderous feel off the organ combining with the electric riffs were the best ever heard to rock a stage, blogspot readers. MC Frontalot is currently touring the nation nerdcore fashion in support of his new CD - "Solved" and this reviewer highly suggests all blogspot readers releasing their inner hiphop nerd at his next scheduled performance. Visit for tour details and music.

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