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13 Nov 10

...SouthSide's here - now it's a party... ~ Mike, The Branded

...thank you, Dimitri, I'll give you a massage after the show...
Brian, The Branded

Hey, blogspot readers, it's a wee taste of Emerald Isle and then getting branded in the arse in one night! Tonight's adventure took SouthSide back to Elbo Room for a rockin' performance by Cu-Roi as part of Brad Cole's Acoustic Circus lineup and then downstairs from another viewing of The Branded TV. SouthSide suggests checking out The Energy Commission (from IN) which headlined the downstairs lounge lineup. She liked the band's eclectic combination from R&B/Soul to lyrical hip hop/rock and pop/alternative. It's a smorgasbord of music happening on stage, blogspot readers, featuring a unique array of instruments such as an ukulele and garbage can lid with drumstick. Visit http://www.theenergycommission.com or http://www.myspace.com/energycommission.

Opening the latest edition of Brad Cole's Acoustic Circus was the passionate and energetic sounds of traditional Irish folk music by Cu-Roi. SouthSide was instantly enthralled by the enchanting music from this lively group of musicians. Though non-lyrical, this reviewer appreciated the beauty as well as the historical sentiment felt and heard inside the upsoken poetic words. The audience certainly heard the tense fiery mood within the band's tempo and rhythm found in each song performed. Despite this being a short performance, SouthSide was ready to hear more ...hopefully Dave (Elbo Room's owner/bartender) invites Cu-Roi back for anotehr show. SouthSide suggests visiting http://www.curoiband.com for more details and where this band's rockin' the stage again. Also as an added bonus, the lead cellist of Cu-Roi shared the opening song with Brad Cole covering an emotional acoustic version of Eric Clapton's Can't Find My Way Home.

Tonight's programming on The Branded channel was brought to you by the following sponsors - Sweet Tarts, Cherry Tootsie Pop, Schlitz 6-pack and 312unes.

It was a packed house for this rockin' band's performance which had the Who's Who of the local scene in attendance ie Simplistic Urge (they're back and will be hitting the stage again in 2011), 7 Day Sonnet (catch this hot band while on tour with SALIVA), Wags of Red City, Erik of Beneath The Stares - to name a few. The Branded took this crowd on a cinematic adventure that featured sight (video running in sync with its song playlist) and sound (hardcore guitar rock with some Brian screamo vocals). Plus the band debut five spankin' brand new songs. as well as lead vocalist Brian Bender sporting an asymetrical Justin Bieber haircut for the special occasion. The Branded got things off with a religious BAM opening their performance with new song, Jesus Christ. SouthSide must warn you this is not your average or traditional Sunday hymn, blogspot readers. This song full of twittering guitar riffs, thumping bass rhythms and thunderous drum rocked every ear listening. It's another super hot single by The Branded which automatically had the crowd fired up for more after Brian forgave each and every of our sins committed.

Other new songs included Vanity (looking at yourself in the mirror can be a bad thing ...SouthSide loved how The Branded timed it with the Diva/Leeloo clips from The Fifth Element), Running Away (definitely can feel the emotional power of Brian's vocals on lyrics for this song with a bit of screamo at the end ...video featured clips of Men In Black and Labyrinth), Grand Tune (good use of clips from the movie Falling Down for this Branded ballad of sorts as the band took the tempo down a notch but left plenty of sound for everyone to rock) and Let's Get Down (the meaning of the title was left to our imagination but we certainly banged our heads to the fast tempo and Brian's screams). Despite missing the commercial breaks in between songs, SouthSide loved the nonstop action rock show with only one intermission for The Branded merch table. From home pregnancy kits (their music will get you pregnant afterwards) to weird novelty items as well as their own drink - The Branded bomb, this band has everything!

SouthSide highly suggests snagging a free copy of this band's debut CD featuring hits like First Move, Too Kool (the official douchebag song ...was dedicated to Jersey Shore) and the ever popular fan favorite Drug Pizza (seriously who ordered the Chicken Dance with this pizza?!). This had to be The Branded's best outting on stage thus far and this reviewer expects more shows like this one to come. This concludes tonight's The Branded broadcast however visit http://www.thebrandedmusic.com or http://www.myspace.com/thebrandedmusic for when and where they'll be re-broadcast at a venue near you!

Until next time, support your local scene,

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