Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 Nov 10 - CD Review

Hey, blogspot readers, check out the following CDs currently spinning on SouthSide's stereo player.

Safe Return to Earth
The Jefferson (Australia)

SouthSide thoroughly enjoyed this debut 13-track album by The Jefferson (from Sydney,Australia) which had a flowing melodic rock sound from beginning to end. Listening closely to the lyrics, this reviewer noticed the words were quite personal ...straight from the heart (probably based on past experiences and/or life changing events). Jefferson's music did have a feel reminiscent of The Beatles in the title track, Safe Return to Earth (the 4-part harmony wonderfully done) but the rest of the album wasn't overcomplicated or over dramatic with extra hooks and rhythms. It's clean rock ...lively beats and plenty of energy vibin' through the speakers especially during track 8 - Tell Me Your Name. SouthSide highly suggests listening to the inspirational song It Can Be (track 2), a rockin' equivalent to Twisted Sister's We're Gonna Take It heard within Final Call (track 4), the political references and tone in Outta My Mind (track 5) and her favorite Superstar (track 10). Track 13, Lay Me Down, deserves a special mention in this review for its acoustic sound and music which highlights the emotions heard in the vocals before the album ends with a reprise of an instrumental version of the title track.

The Morning Passengers
Green River Ordinance (MN)

Celebrating their tenth year as a band, Green River Ordinance recently released a 6-song acoustic CD, The Morning Passenger. SouthSide enjoyed the calm soothing acoustic guitar rock sound (featuring other instruments - organ, piano and harmonica) which also highlighted Josh's (frontman on guitar/piano) natural vocals. There's plenty of heartfelt emotions heard within the lyrics throughout the EP however this reviewer highly suggests listening to Dancing Shoes (track 1), Undertow (track 3) and Inward Tide (track 4) which featured a rich folksy sound and serenades. Tonight, she'll get a chance to review Green River Ordinance performing live on stage at SPACE (in Evanston) with The Miggs (FL).


Blogspot readers, rock your minds instrumentally to this local band's experimental/psychedelic (and everything else in between) rock groove. Though it's a 3-track CD, Aetiology packed plenty of music into each song ready to take your ears on a magical journey of sound. There's fire and passion as you hear and "feel" the lyrics off the guitars especially during track 2, Strange Hieroglyphs. The guitar hooks inside this track will blow you away into a spectrum beyond this known universe. SouthSide highly suggests checking out this rockin' band live on stage to experience the full effect of Aetiology and its music.

Looking For Home
Matt Ryd

SouthSide recently reviewed Matt Ryd during his amazing Looking For Home record release show at Schuba's. Compared to the live version of this album, the recorded version was just as lively and energetic as it was seen on stage. Matt's CD featured a wide range of music from Americana to a poppy alternative sound heard off a variety of instrument combinations ...a vibrant orchestra rockin' this 11-track CD, blogspot readers. And just like the live performance, his father, Steve Ryd (on trumpet) truly spiced up the song Lie To Me (track 6) within the semi-acoustic sound. It's hard picking which songs to listen first so SouthSide suggests taking a random route with this CD - playing the tracks out of order. There's added bonus for Scrubs fans, track 2 - Healed - was featured in an episode of the hit television series last season. Check out Matt's sites for upcoming dates when he and/or the band will be rockin' the stage.

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