Thursday, November 18, 2010

18 Nov 10

...rather be a poor boy than a rich idiot...

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's ears are rockin' to the unique hardcore/alternative rock mix of Athel! Thanks to Shawn Kellner, this reviewer thoroughly enjoyed the Rush-Green Day homage and combination found in this band's newest CD, To Society Part 2.

This album features hot twittering guitar solos with unexpected chord/tempo changes (sometimes out of nowhere leading you blindly to the next change) and realistic rock-n-roll lyrics (SouthSide highly suggests listening to track 3 - Poor Jada). The high powered energy within the hardcore guitar instrumental of Radio kicks off Athel's album before moving into Paranormal. SouthSide felt the emotional as well as the physical damage done to an innocent child by her step-father in Poor Jada (based on actual events yet told from Jada's point of view). Mondays (track 4) features a fabolous pop/alternative upbeat tempo by this band ...somewhat "happy" with its fun guitar groove. Something one wouldn't expect after listening to the harsh reality of being abused in track 3. This reviewer can see it as the breakout song for Athel since the song sounds radio-ready for immediate airplay. Time Gets Older (track 5) cloess this CD with some resolution but leaving it open on a cliffhanger after getting a realistic view how we age in time (think of this song as Athel's homage to Pink Floyd's Time).

Athel will be rockin' Crown Point, IN this weekend for its CD release of To Society Part 2 before embarking on a select-city tour which includes two shows at the Whiskey A Go Go during NAMM in January! SouthSide's looking forward to their Chicago debut in which there will be a full review, blogspot readers. In the meantime, visit for all the music and tour details of where they'll be rockin' a venue near you.

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