Wednesday, April 14, 2010

13 Apr 10

Hey, blogspot readers, the fun continues with another round of live music. Tonight, SouthSide's back at the Elbo Room to get her medically prescribed injection of love. Nope, it wasn't as painful as it might sound ...not with this band, The Love Shots, rockin' the stage. However first this reviewer recommends checking out the Spencer Mulder band from Grand Rapids, MI. She enjoyed the energetic Americana/alternative songs about the heartland, life and love (not necessarily in that order). One could heard the rawness of the vocals matching the vibrant sound pulsing from the guitar riffs - very emotional and heartfelt. The cover of a rare Stones b-side added a touch of ambiance to the performance under the cool lighting effect and downtempo pace. It was simply awe-inspiring, blogspot readers. For more information, visit or

Now, blogspot readers, with a name like this band's, approximately 99.99% of their songs were about love and relationships. That's not a bad thing - most rock songs were (and still are) about that subject matter. What might surprise you about The Love Shots will be their music and sound. This local band really reached way back into time when rock-n-roll was young and very sinful for the soul. Yet, they paired this sound with a slight twist of garage/punk feel in the music. And yes this combination certainly rocked the stage! This reviewer enjoyed the thundering roar of the guitars and the energetic tempo of a basic rock beat from the drums (btw The Love Shots' drummer was totally rad behind the kit, my friends). This band had the feel and sound of the rock's early days ...maybe perhaps they will think about adding that cool retro look to their performance too. The stage was swingin' during Banshee (think early 60s Beatles when they ruled the charts with danceable sock-hop type beats before moving into their psychedelic phase), Husband Undercover (a pseudo love/breakup song depending on how you perceive the lyrics in a downtempo pace) and Pure Pleasure (an adult erotica in lyrics, steamy than their earlier songs and heavy on the guitars riffs - *fans self*).

SouthSide also loved Good Girl Gone Insane - a chilly number with a ska/reggae feel to it in which was rockin' However this reviewer enjoyed the harsh lyrics that did make this a break up song (i.e. no one wants you and nobody cares...). She recommends listening to The Love Shots' new one, Wolfhound, for its suspenseful guitar buildup that explodes into a rockin' tempo. This closing song literally set the stage ablaze with hard riffs and rhythms before finally ending in a haunting guitar sound. Yet the highlight of the night was their cover of Rick Nelson's Last Kiss though they're actually covering Pearl Jam's 2007 version - full of angst and frustration in a garage/punk tone.

SouthSide recommends getting your own dosage of The Love Shots wherever they're rockin' the stage again. For more information, visit

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  1. I couln't agree more with this review!! The Love Shots totally rocked it!!


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