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12 Apr 10

Ola, leitores do blogspot, deixe-nos ir international para esta revisao! SouthSide esta dancando a noite afastado a musica rock de Brazillian no quarto de Elbo.

Sorry about that, blogspot readers, SouthSide's having fun learning Portuguese's the translation:

Hello, blogspot readers, let's go international for this review! SouthSide's dancing the night away to Brazilian rock music at the Elbo Room. This reviewer highly suggests getting to know the Diafanes (from Sao Paulo, Brazil) while they're currently on a short US tour. She enjoyed the hot, steamy Latin sound mixed with the spiciness of world influences (currently the tend these days) in their music. There was also a lot of homegrown flavors heard within Diafanes' songs like bossa nova and samba rhythms.

After kicking off their performance with Love In (1), SouthSide thought Lorena's vocals (guitar and other instruments) were too soft and chanteuse-like for the Diafanes' music. Was SouthSide totally wrong. The voice she brought to the lyrics perfectly matched the breath and fire felt in each song performed. The audience heard lots of passion and emotions as well as sultry erotica coming from this exceptional singer. A fine example of this would be listening to Unity (2) where Lorena mesmerized the ears with her voice under a slow-paced tempo.

Yet what truly had this reviewer dancing in her seat was the Diafanes' rockin' hardcore Brazilian guitars. Oh the Spanish/Portuguese flare in the rhythms dazzled and amazed with spiraling riffs and chords throughout their music. Plus the world influences added the right amount of spice and seasoning to the music. For example, Inside Me (1) besides hearing the Latin chords off the guitars, there was a moment when the castanets turned this song into one sultry vibrant Flamenco dance number. Or want to hear a bit of Asian flavor with this type of rock sound? Listen to Out There(2) which literally blew everyone's ears way. There were trippy psychedelic riffs combined with a samba rhythmic tempo (during the instrumental) in W.G.Y.U. (2).

The highlight of the night was Diafanes' cover of Deus Lhe Pague (Never Give Up!). Originally done by Chico Buargue in 1971, this band flipped it into a rockin' number where the guitars dominated with lots of fiery passion. Yes, blogspot readers, passion was the spice of life from Diafanes tonight ...and they performed it very well. You could literally feel the sultry heat from the rhythms while listening to the lyrics sung in Portuguese by Lorena. Another hot moment was when Shrub (1) ended their performance - an erotic Arabic influence not only from the guitars but also from the bells softly played between her (Lorena's) fingers. Let's just say, blogspot readers, it really put SouthSide in the mood for more music by this band!

Most of the songs featured during the Diafanes' performance were from their latest CDs - See Through (1) and Obviously Clear (2). SouthSide highly suggests snagging both for your collection however it's WAY better seeing this band perform live on stage. This is one performance one should experience up close and personal ...immersing your ears into the hot, spicy flavor of Brazilian rock by the Diafanes. This reviewer hopes they return to Chicago for another show soon. For more information visit, or

One final note, Lorena and the band want everyone in Chicago to know they love this town the Smashing Pumpkin!

Until next time, support your local scene,

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