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08 Apr 10

...now that got the blood flowing... ~ Floor Thirteen

Hey, blogspot readers, how about a joining SouthSide for a cold one? It's Micro Brew Week at her home turf, Reggie's Music Joint in which served exclusive brews. Who knows you might see a new summer ale or larger coming soon to your favorite watering hole. Besides sampling new brews, dining on sandwich specials and watching the games, there was also live performances rockin' the stage. Tonight's lineup featured a wide range of music from punk to death/metal and psychedelic instrumental. Fans grooved to sets by Floor Thirteen, Admiral Of Black and Killer Moon with The Reptoids headlining.

There's a sane method to this opening act's maddening rock sound, blogspot readers. It was wild and crazy ...as well as seriously kicking major arse on stage. Floor Thirteen was one fireball of rock-n-roll energy yet that's hardly not the correct adjective to describe their performance overall. This reviewer enjoyed the explosive sound of fast guitar riffs which dazzled the ears. Though hypnotized by Floor's use of video screens, you could totally feel what this band was vibin' from their songs. SouthSide highly suggests listening to Let It Go (rip-roaring thunderbolt of rock which gets your blood boiling), Dance Tonight (plenty of guitars that will have you dancing along with the band) and Shut Em Out (rocked down the Music Joint with a bang!). The highlight of the night was the rockin' punk version of Zombie by The Cranberries. Instead of the slow martyred route like the original, fans will enjoy their energetic hardcore version with Floor's guitar riffs twisting out of control during the instrumental. Like SouthSide mentioned earlier, there's a sane method to this band's maddening rock-n-roll. She highly recommends checking out Floor Thirteen wherever they're rockin' the stage again. For more information, visit www.floor13.ca or www.myspace.com/floor13.

...life's a race and I'm in it to win it... ~ Admiral Of Black

Though it took her a few songs to get into the groove with Admiral Of Black, SouthSide highly suggests checking out this rockin' death/metal band's sound. She enjoyed the head banging, hardcore guitar rock which was coupled by raw, raspy vocals full of angst and frustration off the lyrics. Metal fans, this definitely was your type of band performing on the Music Joint stage! You didn't just hear Admiral's heart-pounding riffs and rhythms ...you actually felt the chords curdling inside your veins. SouthSide liked the epic-sounding music which this band seems to be famous for during the instrumentals - so you can savor each note pulsating at you. In one particular song, the intro was filled with a crescendo of guitar chords/rhythms each going a half octave until it thundered (more like roared) throughout the venue. This reviewer could simply close her eyes while listening to this song and feel the vibrating soundwave from the instruments. It absolutely rocked til the very last note had ended. In most of Admiral's playlist, there will be sudden chord changes to get you fully rockin' with them before ending with an explosive bang. She highly recommends listening to Fold In and The Storm ...as well as other songs off Admiral's The Hand Of Chaos CD. For more information, visit www.admiralofblack.com or www.myspace.com/admiralofblack.

The mesh of clashing rhythms were simply too much for SouthSide's ears even though instrumentally Killer Moon's set was okay. The volume on the monitors (for the electric) were up too high to be bearable for any ear to hear this performance. Thank goodness there was barely any lyrics to most of Killer's songs because certainly there was no possible way of hearing them over the loud noise. Yet somehow SouthSide was able to enjoy a small part of this psychedelic instrumental rock show despite feeling the electric and bass were out of sync with each other. Then again, she couldn't figure out if this band was re-creating the (Jimi) Hendrix experience or some new generation version of it, blogspot readers. This reviewer did enjoy the psychedelic style Killer brought to the Music Joint however (even while wearing her earplugs) it was simply unbearable to hear the trippy riffs and rhythms. Sadly, it's a mixed reaction from this reviewer in which she cannot honestly recommend Killer Moon. That, faithful readers of this blog, she shall leave that decision to you. Perhaps you'll have better luck at a future show than SouthSide did tonight. For more information, visit www.myspace.com/thekillermoons.

...I'm deaf ...more deaf than you... ~ The Reptoids

It has been years since SouthSide has reviewed this rockin' local punk/hardcore band. This wasn't the same The Reptoids she first met at Kinetic Playground either ...not with their new sound and songs. These gals (and the cute lone guy on drums) can certainly rock the stage, blogspot readers, You'll notice about The Reptoids' hardcore were their guitar riffs and rhythms. It has a solid head banging feel within their music which immediately grabs you by the man-balls (hey, chicks have man-balls too, ya know). There was plenty of energy and momentum especially during the opening song, Fire. It was a very hot, spicey firecracker of a song that took the Music Joint by storm. The fast-paced tempo and moving quickly from one to the next kept the audience glued to the music as well as rockin' along with the band. SouthSide highly suggests listening to the instrumental number titled New One which kicked major arse. Lots of rockin' guitar riffs and sound that had her head bangin' to the crescendo chords surrounding her ears. This song really didn't need any lyrics at all - or that would totally spoiled the vibe felt from the stage. With the new explosive Reptoids sound, there was angst and frustration ...screamo vocals mixed in there too. Also this reviewer suggest checking out the four exceptional versions of The Reptoids' Kitty songs. Each one quite different from the other yet all equally rockin' with hardcore guitar sound. SouthSide highly recommends catching this band wherever they rock the stage again. For more information, visit www.myspace.com/reptoids.

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