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19 Apr 10

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Hey, blogspot readers, after spending an out of this world trip with (Thirty Seconds To) Mars, it was time to crash back to the local scene beat. Tonight, SouthSide's at the Elbo Room for a special acoustic performance by Lelia Broussard opening for Bess Rogers.

From LA and currently on tour, this singer/songwriter thoroughly impressed SouthSide with her heartwarming acoustic set. She enjoyed the vibrant power of Lelia's voice rockin' the mic ...making the audience each lyrical note in her songs. Under this intimate setting, this reviewer heard passion, energy and at certain times soft tone like a gentle lullaby singing. And with the help of another musician on horn and keyboards, Lelia's songs had spicy heated rhythms that added a touch of a sultry vibe to her chanteuse-like vocals. The extra rhythms accompanying the acoustic sound stayed basically hidden until needed for that burst of momentum within the song. For example, there was one particular song in which it featured an electronic flute turning this acoustic/alternative sound into something a little more pop/easy listening.

Yet, still it's the dynamic power of Lelia's voice that will certainly grab your attention. She clearly conveyed her thoughts as well as feelings to the audience off the lyrics. Even while taking a couple of songs to a slower downtempo pace, this artist still maintained that spark though hearing tenderness or sadness in her voice. SouthSide also noticed that the extra rhythms (whether horn or keyboard) didn't try to overwhelm and/or overpower Lelia's vocals throughout this set. She was allowed to take center stage letting the music do most of the "talking". This reviewer highly recommends listening to Hipster Bitch - one lively number with witty lyrics that rocked the stage. Plus also listen to Grass Is Greener, Dancing In The Dark and Waiting On The 9.

SouthSide highly recommends catching this singer/songwriter while she's currently on tour. Visit or for tour dates and cities.

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