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27 Mar 10

"'s a fun show for us ...hopt you had a good time..."

Makeshift Prodigy

And the fun and good times were on a rockin' roll again, blogspot readers. Tonight, SouthSide's hanging out with Model Stranger and many guests for the Dreams & Bones CD Listening party. Then she's taking a quick "L" train ride to the Cubby Bear for the Chicago Roots Collective show to see How Far To Austin and Makeshift Prodigy.

It was the Who's Who of the local scene packing the Elbo Room on Saturday evening. From Brian Bender and Masta Shen to Wags (of Red City) and 72 Hours in attendance as well as friends and fans, many came out to preview Model Stranger's new CD - Dreams & Bones. It was the prefect opportunity to hear it before their release show scheduled for April 24 at the Cubby Bear. Also there was a behind-the-scenes video about Model's new sound and music which featured songs Fire Fire and You Only. From what SouthSide heard, she's ready to see and hear them rock the songs live on stage. For more information, visit or

After the Model Stranger party, it was time to rock out at the Cubby Bear! SouthSide arrived to see How Far To Austin's energetic performance of alternative rock and cool R&B sound. This popular indie band had one infectious music vibe which instantly had the crowd throughout the venue groovin' to the beat. Fans will definitely enjoy the burst of sound that accompanied each song performed. Hot guitar riffs and keyboard rhythms to soulful vocals were vibrant and full of life. Even their "slow" songs contained the same rockin' energy like their "fast" ones. Besides performing original favorites No Good Reason and Catalina, HFTA's selected covers literally blew the roof off. SouthSide enjoyed female vocalist Katie pouring every ounce of emotion and heart into Heart's classic hit. Alone. Stevie Wonder's classic hit, Signed, Sealed, Delivered, fired up the crowd with plenty of smokin' hot R&B/Soul. The show stopper of the night came when they closed their set with Queen's Somebody To Love. HFTA fans erupted with fervor upon hearing the famous intro as well as sang along with the band. This reviewer says How Far To Austin isn't that far if you know where they're rockin' the stage next. She highly recommends checking out this band live up close and personal prepared to party too! For more information about this band, visit or

Makeshift Prodigy - what else can SouthSide say about this up and coming band exploding by leaps and bounds in the local scene here? Though this reviewer has seen them at different stages of their career, each show, in her opinion, is quite unique and very different from the last. Tonight was the first time seeing MSP since their awe-inspiring Angels & Kings performance. And she was excited to see what new surprises awaited her at this performance. Like many of their fans packing the Cubby Bear, she was prepared to be swept away in an instant by the music ...ready to experience what the band feels when they rock the stage. In other words, this reviewer was ready to take that mind-bending journey via spiritually and inspirationally of the mind into MSP's experimental/rock sound. Yet sometimes it's wise not to be too prepared takes away the fun you're bound to have with this highly energized rock band. For instance listen to SouthSide's favorite song (well, actually one of many favorites by them), Revolution. This socio-political conscience number reminded everyone that we're the revolution waiting to happen. It will always begin and end with us. And no - it will be televised either. There's something quite magical when you hear other MSP fans singing along to their own favorite songs.

Also check out another song titled Alive in which everyone (and SouthSide means everyone - from the band to fans) literally exploded to life. It was a wild scene that we were all coming together in celebration being alive. You simply had to be there Saturday night witnessing this moment first hand. Plus MSP also performed new songs (off their upcoming album Mathematica due out in early April) such as Sirens and Mathematica (listen to this song first) in which they slightly move out of the experimental sound for something more of a rock vibe. Still that explosive momentum you feel and hear remains ...and sometimes shaking the venue wherever they perform too. Sadly like all MSP shows, it had to come to an end with the appropriately titled song, The End. The band rocked out the stage - very animated (see Anthony hop over the piano in a single bound ..amazing huh?) ...energetic and wild finish of sound. Now it's your turn, blogspot readers! SouthSide highly recommends checking out Makeshift Prodigy live - it's the only way to experience this band's phenomena yourself (SouthSide's opinion, of course). For more information about them and where they're rockin' the stage next, visit or

For more information about Chicago Roots Collective, visit or

Until next time, support your local scene,

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