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03 Apr 10 - Rock-N-Roll For The Cure

"...Blake's offering free breast exams..." ~ Band Called Catch

Hey, blogspot readers, we united for a common cause to put an end to a deadly disease. SouthSide joined with other local musicians and fans attending the Rock-N-Roll For The Cure at the Elbo Room. All proceeds from Saturday's event benefited the Susan G. Komen Foundation via the Passionately Pink program. The lineup featured five up and coming bands varying in music from alternative/pop to southern rock and Americana. The audience rocked to performances by Jess Godwin, Band Called Catch, Machinegun Mojo and Surrender Dorothy with the Bears of Blue River headlining.

Besides the fun and music downstairs, there was fun and music upstairs too. The main lounge was treated to vaudeville comedy and songs by The Slomski Brothers. Opening with their witty theme song, SouthSide immediately took notice of the Brothers' musical setup. It was this reviewer's first time experiencing an island-theme show with a ukulele and steel kettle drum. This unique combination ever heard at the Elbo Room provided the listener's ears whimsical songs such as I Like To Get High (not SouthSide but apparently they do ...a lot). During this song, the Brothers basically made up lyrics about boozing, snorting (cocaine) and of course getting high. Also check out another one about getting pulled over by the cops - not a fun experience for this duo or their funny Chocolate Cake song. Besides their originals and comedic banter, they performed an interesting version of Bill Withers' 70s R&B classic, Ain't No Sunshine. SouthSide highly recommends checking out this brotherly vaudeville/comedic act. For more information, visit www.slomskibrothers.com or www.myspace.com/slomskibrothers.

Meanwhile downstairs, female chanteuse, Jess Godwin (from Atlanta, GA), and her band kicked off the Rock-N-Roll For The Cure lineup. She rocked the stage with plenty of heart and soulful emotion in her voice which blew the roof when hitting the lyrical high notes. Her music was energetic and lively that SouthSide shared a few dance moves with Rooster (of Machinegun Mojo). This reviewer recommends listening to Over The Moon and Too Late - a show closer that finished her set with a rockin' bang. For information, visit www.jessgodwin.com or www.myspace.com/jessgodwin1.

According to Rooster, Band Called Catch is his favorite local band and it's the main reason why he personally asked them to rock the lineup for this event. And SouthSide also likes this band as well. They're known for their energetic performances and witty song titles like Girl Gone Wild (about the dad's pov after seeing his little girl on the Girls Gone Wild video infomercial). BBC's music consisted of rockin' alternative sound with a bit of brass rhythm in the mix. It's the type of music which had this audience groovin' to the beat. Also during their performances, you can win fabulous prizes if you're lucky enough to catch a collectible BBC frisbee! The highlight of their set happened when they performed a rockin' cover of Paul Simon's 70s hit 50 Ways (To Leave Your Lover). For more information, visit www.bandcalledcatch.com or www.myspace.com/bandcalledcatch.

"...a couple more then we're going to cure breast cancer with more music..."
Machingun Mojo

After opening with a jam of crescendo guitar riffs in their intro, SouthSide at first couldn't get into Machinegun Mojo's "new" sound. However, that's the beauty of this band - they keep evolving and surprising their fans (including this reviewer) with their music. Giving the norm of hardcore guitar rock a break, Rooster and the guys mojo-fied the stage with a touch of blues (and sometimes country) rock. Fans can expect lots of guitar chords and rhythms dominating the Mojo music during the instrumentals. Do not expect each song performed to be the same in sound and music. For example, Rooster played an electrified violin for songs Woman (in which it had a country tone and charm) and Irish Jig - both were the highlight of this rockin' performance. Also there were other Mojo favorites performed like Devil On The Radio (SouthSide's favorite song to get her mojo going) and Like A Storm. SouthSide enjoyed the "new" Mojo sound and does expect something uniquely different for their next show. Yet tonight it was one of the better Machinegun Mojo shows this reviewer has ever seen, blogspot readers. For more information, visit www.myspace.com/machinegunmojo.

In a flash, the music quickly moved from blues to southern rock with Surrender Dorothy. SouthSide finally had her chance to review this popular local band. They rocked the Elbo Room stage with an electrified bang! Fans will enjoy the energetic feel in their music and the raspy, raw voice in the lyrics. Each of Dorothy's songs were performed with momentum that didn't know when to quit until the last note ended. Even while slowing it down for ballads, there was still too much rockin' guitar riffs and rhythms to know you're actually listening to a ballad. To sum it up, blogspot readers, it was a wham-bam fast southern fried rock set ...smokin' hot and extra crispy - just the way SouthSide likes it. She recommends listening to Little Lies and James Younger Gang (also there's a video shot from the House of Blues for this song). For more information, visit www.surrenderdorothyorelse.com or www.myspace.com/surrenderdorothyorelse.

Closing out the Rock-N-Roll For The Cure was the Bears of Blue River and their lively performance of alternative/Americana music. Sometimes you might hear a bit of bluegrass and country woven within their songs too. This reviewer enjoyed the fun and carefree tone from this band especially when they used different ways and types of musical sounds (vocal or instrumental). BOBR's songs were witty as well as whimsical observations of life, love and the somewhat obscure. For example, new song, On Your Knees, was a very lively and happy tune about watching porn. SouthSide liked the wit found in the lyrics - "...on my knees ...I've learned to please..." She also recommends listening to The Joke (poking fun at one's self thinking he/she is a joke) and Tickle Pink (off the Bear's current EP). The late-night audience was treated to a double encore performance. The first one featured a song called Good Spark with Gavin (BOBR's front man on vocals and guitar) singing solo. The other, Dead Skunk, finally closed out their show with an energetic bang. For more information, visit www.bearsofblueriver.com or www.myspace.com/bearsofblueriver.

All bands mentioned in this review, SouthSide highly recommends blogspot readers checking them out wherever they're rockin' the stage next!

Until next time, support your local scene,

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