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01 May 10

... hope you guys love bubble baths... ~ Workout Music

BAM, blogspot readers! That was the word of the night for this crowd packing the Elbo Room. Everyone was prepared to get branded during the The Branded's debut appearance on stage. It was a star-studded night as the Who's Who of the local scene (i.e. Machinegun Mojo, Lucid Ground, Matt of Smentek & Mullen, Heavy The Fall, etc) came out to show their support for this band. Family, friends and fans were in attendance as well ...everyone was excited and ready for The Branded to perform. However before getting branded, this crowd grooved to other rockin' performances by Jack In Space, Mahoney, and Workout Music with Bombay Black (from Arizona) headlining. SouthSide also took notice of the array of fun merchandise sponsoring The Branded on the table. From pregnancy tests to action figures and other goodies, this band was ready to brand its fans with something more than just rock music.

When seeing this band, be prepared to sweat out your hair after they finish the first song, blogspot readers. Workout Music's set will leave you feeling that you've completed an entire exercise DVD. It's the latest craze to shed those unwanted pounds by having fun while rocking along with this bubble machine blowing band. These energetic guys were all about the party as they perform cool music whicch can get pretty wild at times ...especially since most of Workout's songs are "love" songs. SouthSide suggests listening to Aint My Jeans (hm, sometimes she wonders if they are) and Cuz It's Good (a pseudo disco/punk sound) to acquaint yourself with this band. She also recommends Save You Not for its trippy keyboard sound mixed with a hardcore tempo in this "I'm breaking up with you" song. And even though it was a rather short performance, this reviewer had another sweat-ifying workout as she jammed to Don't Stop Now. This closing number rocked the stage with a bit of Chelesa Dagger (by The Fratellis) in the middle. It's highly suggests that you don your best workout clothes and attend Workout Music's next show. Guaranteed 100% to make you sweat! For more information, visit or

SouthSide's so excited to see Mahoney after hearing raving comments about their last Elbo Room appearance. This duo from North Carolina packed a lot of rock sound on stage as if they were a 4 to 5 piece band. They performed with such energetic momentum that nothing seemed to slow them down or the pace of the song when opening with Hey Girl. At times, Mahoney's music had dirty and gritty guitar riffs giving the music a tone of sharpness or rockin' so fast at the blinding speed of light. And the vocals complimented each other though fooling SouthSide into thinking it was one person singing on the mic instead of the two together. Mahoney's cover of The Bangles' Walk Like An Egyptian featured a few lucky Elbo Room regulars as well as fans joining the band on stage to their tambourines. Meanwhile during the Neil Diamond classic, Sweet Caroline, everyone participated at the right moments. Both cover songs rocked the stage and so did originals like Stereo and Thunder which had this Native American tone steadily beating from the drums. Closing the set with Where Will We Go?, this reviewer didn't want them to go - she was ready for more. Hopefully, this band will make yet another rockin' appearance at the Elbo Room but in the meantime, fans in North Carolina, SouthSide says you should attend Mahoney's next performance. For more information, visit or

Though seeing them for the first time, this reviewer enjoyed Jack In Space's ultra cool ...ultra mellow rock sound. It had this unique combination of psychedelic/jazz feel to its music off a semi-acoustic (two acoustic and bass guitars) setting. Somewhat unusual for a Saturday night rock crowd at this venue however it seriously jammed, blogspot readers. This reviewer liked the soothing effect Jack's music had on her ears gently taking her on a meditative experience. Yet inside this calming sound, there definitely was fire and passion as well. This type of music made you feel a wide range of emotions in each lyrical notes within the guitar riffs. It was very powerful and hardcore when they switched guitars to electrify the stage with some screamo angst in the lyrics. Even though this gave their music a harder edge, SouthSide preferred that psychedelic mellowness to Jack In Space. She highly suggests checking out this band wherever they're rockin' the stage again. For more information, visit

... the after pictures will be a lot more wet... ~ The Branded

The moment of the night had finally arrived, blogspot readers. However before The Branded exploded with Mama Ain't Got No Mercy For Ya (track 1 off the debut album No Mercy), Stephen Francis (of Model Stranger) shaved off his lovely yet famous mustache. Not to worry, blogspot readers, he shall have another one soon. Meanwhile, Brian and the guys wowed this reviewer with an intensive, fan interactive performance that dazzled the ears and astounded the eyes. The huge TV screens placed on either side of the stage bombarded the crowd with random images while running in sync with their songs. For example, during Too Kool (track 5), we were educated in what a douchebag was and how not to be like one or First Move (track 6) - lots of sexy images from movies like Sin City and Selma Hayek's Santanico scenes from Duck Til Dawn. Oh just to let you know, ladies, The Branded's currently taking applications for the stripper positions of the band - experience not necessary. Fans will certainly laugh at the funny commercial breaks strategically placed between songs (no dead air breaks or talking) which "sponsored" The Branded's show. She enjoyed the commercial mentioning their merch on the table and "Pretends" - the latest in male enhancement in which you can be sexy and well-endowed like Brian. Fans rocked to the thundering roar of the guitars (Mike on electric and Shen on bass) which instantly had them groovin to the hardcore BAM riffs of the music. It was performed fast and furious to the point it felt like wham-BAM-may-I-have-more-please, blogspot readers. And yes, Brian can actually sing live! His voice clearly projected that all famous frustration and angst without resorting to his infamous gut-busting screamo yet during certain songs, you can still hear it. SouthSide hasn't figured out who ordered that pizza with anchovies however she'll tell you when she does. There were other The Branded things that happened at this debut performance but she's sworn to secrecy ...sorry. If you want to know what really happens before, during and after this band's show, you have to attend The Branded's next performance. Who really knows what fun twists and surprises this rockin' band will pull out of their pants. Perhaps someone will pay for that pizza too. Stay tuned, blogspot readers, same The Branded time ...same The Branded channel - or

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