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02 May 10

... we're going to do some more drugs and play more music...

Gypsy Revival Band

Whew,what a night, blogspot readers! Having survived her first The Branded show, this reviewer returned to Elbo Room for more music and fun. Tonight's lineup featured a rockin' array of musical performances by Gypsy Revival Band, Christian Larsen and Shinobi Ninja (from Brooklyn, New York). SouthSide wishes she could stay for the energetic performance of hiphop/rock fusion that totally blew her away during the opening number, Brooklyn to Babylon (title track off their videogame EP). This reviewer was instantly hooked by the lively mix of lyrical rap with electrifying guitar riffs and mixmaster beats. Though hard to hear the lyrical portion of Shinobi, SouthSide liked how the vocalists, DA and Baby Girl, worked the stage pumping the audience with excitement. Blogspot readers can expect a full review (and perhaps an interview) of Shinobi Ninja whenever they return to Chicago. In the meantime, you can find Shinobi Ninja Attacks as an app for your Apple iPhone and/or iPod Touch that you can unlock songs (after completing a game level), watch Shinobi videos and much more. Visit or

Gypsy Revival Band (from IN) rocked the Elbo Room stage with its funky blues music within the hot rock sound. It was very lively that it immediately had this reviewer's toes tappin to the beat. There was plenty of rockin' instrumentals laced inside Gypsy's songs which kept this audience groovin' to the bluesy rhythms especially during the opening song. Though the vocals could have used more volume, SouthSide liked the raspy tone projecting lots of emotion off the lyrics. Even while switching to to more of a country sound, Davey's voice easily conveyed that sense of vulnerability and tenderness. The music in this tempo still retained the spark of momentum during the instrumentals. This reviewer enjoyed their hot renditions of Ray Charles' Let's Go Get Stoned (so funk-ilicious that she felt its hotness in the downtempo pace) and the Allman Brothers' Whipping Post (a Gypsy remix that literally blew the roof with the dazzling guitar riffs). Also listen for a few riffs of Led Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven attached to the end of this song. However she recommends rockin' to their original Monterrey for its witty lyrics and danceable beat. Fans will definitely enjoy Gypsy Revival Band and their unique homage to Blues/Country greats distinctly heard within their rock sound. SouthSide highly recommends catching their next performance wherever they're rockin' the stage again. For more information, visit

Switching from blues to something more soothing and ambient now, blogspot readers. The audience was about to take an incredible ride for the mind and soul. Christian Larsen and his music had SouthSide instantly hooked to his meditative undertones instrumentally created to soothe the senses. The music simply projected an air of calmness to her ears within this opening piece. When the music moved into something more electric in a rock tone, it suddenly took on a whole new dimension with edgier guitar riffs. It was the the type of music in which there would be no lyrics to be vocally heard to convey Christian's mood or thought process. Yet if you listen attentively to each song, the lyrics will pop from the piano/keyboard/programmed beats. At times, SouthSide felt as if the guitars were the "backing vocals" by the way the riffs would respond back to the rhythmic keyboard beats. There were moments in which she heard angst or tenderness creatively hidden in the songs though sometimes not readily recognizable. The delicate combination of sounds (off the instruments and programming) kept Christian's songs energetic and passionate note after note. It wouldn't be fair to box Christian Larsen's unique instrumental music into one solid genre since many were heard at the same time. From modern jazz to psychedelic rock and new age vibe, this extraordinary artist mostly covered all spectrums of the music world. There was even some industrial/techno waifing through his rockin' sound too. It would be fair to say that SouthSide highly recommends you experiencing the music which she can liken to Mer du Japon (check out her favorite song Air). Be prepared to take a musical journey that's out of this world. For more information, visit or

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