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20 May 10

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Hey, blogspot readers, have you ever seen a panda in an all-girl glam band? SouthSide has while reviewing The Maybenauts at Laurie's Planet of Sound last night. And guess what - he can sing as well as rock the guitar. Also ask him what "rabble rabble rabble cheeseburger rabble rabble" means. She along with Sunday, the younger half of the test audience, attended an all-ages performance before The Maybenauts' huge EP release show at the Darkroom. Think of this as their dress rehearsal just for the kiddies at this used record/CD/VHS/DVD and a while lot more store. Sunday shares her thoughts at the end of this review.

The Maybenauts are out of this world. They popped with energetic momentum and rockin' punk in a glam atmosphere when opening the set with Girl Fight. The music didn't have that hardcore punk sound in which this reviewer was more accostumed to. The Nauts kept their music on the lighter side of fun with a slight bit of trippy psychedelia (off the electric)/pop rock and witty song titles/lyrics. For example, My Head's A Bomb (beware of that, blogspot readers, when SouthSide gets angry) was where Leilani's (female lead glamour gal on vocals for The Maybenauts) took a powerful yet dramatic turn. She absolutely poured out her emotional angst into this song. Or check out a song cleverly titled 2012 in which there was plenty of pop culture name dropping heard within the lyrics such as Sarah Palin, mad cow (disease), Fox News, and octomom - just to name a few. This reviewer personally enjoyed the awesome Panda trippy space guitar riffs in this one.

Even while taking The Nauts' fiery momentum down a notch, there still remained a burst of energy heard more from the vocals than the instruments. This was where they had a chance to shine for the audience. There was also a hint of sultry heat of rhythmic music that tempted and teased the ears but it was more PG-13 rated instead of an X-rating. It was still just as hot as watching Selma Hayek doing her Satanico Pandemonium scene from Dusk Til Dawn. This song was played with a splash of Latin flare (off the guitar) during the instrumental though it would have worked better if under softer lighting and a smoke machine to create a more ambient atmosphere (perhaps that will happen tonight at the Darkroom). And with a subtle drum solo ending to this particular song that concluded The Maybenauts' Big Bang EP show.

Sunday says " was a cool show ..." and that she liked it.

SouthSide highly recommends attending The Maybenauts' EP Release show at the Darkroom tonight! They'll be sharing the stage with other bands such as The Sonnets, Tennicourts, Gidgets GaGa and Penthouse Sweets. Looks to be one hot and exciting show, blogspot readers, which is FREE until 10p ...then it's a mere 5 bucks afterwards. The Maybenauts are rockin' the stage first - so get there early to dance along with them. For more information about this band, visit or

Until next time, support your local scene,

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