Tuesday, May 25, 2010

22 May 10 - Part 1

... ironically, we're [now] saying 'bye' to Dubai
though I wrote this 4 years ago
... ~ The Telepaths

Hey, blogspot readers, what goes good with rockin' music? Awesome BBQ, beer and friends! SouthSide spent a part of her Saturday hanging out at The Mutiny before heading to the Elbo Room for Lucid Ground's video premiere. At The Mutiny, it was the Rock and 'Q II party celebrating Egomaniac (Pat), front man on vocals for Los Lost Boyz and The Telepaths. SouthSide and partygoers munched on fantastic BBQ eats (loved the mushrooms and yummy brownies - nope, not specially laced). Afterwards, there were special performances by Los Lost Boyz and The Telepaths as well as a mystery appearance by T.O.M. Who is T.O.M.? Well ...ask the bartender/owner of The Mutiny about this mystery band. According to him, they put on a rockin' show ...even plays podcasts of them for patrons too. With T.O.M., everyone's part of the show! SouthSide hopes to meet them one day for review.

Los Lost Boyz kicked off the music portion to the Rock and 'Q Party with a quick four-song set of acoustic/Americana songs. This reviewer enjoyed the witty titles and whimsical lyrics behind an unplugged acoustic atmosphere and harmonic sound. There was a lively rhythm and energetic beat for the audience to enjoy. For example, listen to Big Box Store for its poking fun at Wally's World (Wal-Mart)about not wanting to work in a store like that or Catholic School for its funny take on the Catholic Church and religious dogma/symbolism. Don't worry, blogspot readers, Los Lost Boyz received an extra special dispensation from the Pope himself before performing this song. They suggest getting your own dispensation from the Holy Father while it's hot. This band certainly had the audience moved with their Steve Miller rendition of The Joker. With the blues harmonica, it gave this 70s hit song that energetic momentum to match Pat's raspy vocal tone. The short set ended with a fun 420 song (5 bonus SouthSide points for knowing the significance of 420) that was dubbed the 'real' national anthem. So don't bug it out, blogspot readers, take a hit and pass it down. Whether or not if this was a debut performance or simply a dress rehearsal, SouthSide wasn't completely satisfied with this tiny Los Lost Boyz sample. Hopefully, soon this band will be rockin' stage again for a full length review. Los Lost Boyz are James on acoustic guitar, Pat on vocals and Lou on harmonica.

And the fun continued with The Telepaths - an electrified version of Los Lost Boyz with Professor (Tim on bass), Big Bang (Peter on drums) and Secret Weapon (Corey on acoustic) joining Egomaniac (Pat) and Jammer (James on electric) on stage. During this performance, there was more wit and whimsical lyrics to be found in songs such as Bye Bye Dubai (about saying 'bye' to buying foreign oil from Dubai) and Maharishi Military (sign up and join the new age militia, blogspot readers). There was also a wide variety of music genres represented within The Telepaths' songs from roadhouse blues/rock (Strange Americana), psychedelia (Susan Sontag) and/or blues (Something In My Mind). Plus plenty of vocal emotions and charismatic stage presence from Egomaniac (Pat) throughout this set. Being fifty years young certainly hasn't slowed down this rocker who knows how to put on a show with his funky dancing. The lyrics kept the socio-political cause of the late 60s/early 70s alive ...sometimes poking fun at how we live and love today. SouthSide enjoyed their rockin' renditions of Johnny Cash's Rusty Cage (which had an electrifying Soundgarden punk sound at the bridge) and Neil Young's Fucking Up (which featured Jammer [James] on vocals) - this cover brought the venue to life. She has the distinct feeling The Telepaths made contact with other lifeforms while performing Area 51 - yes, the truth was truly out there when this song was over. Route 66 rocked out the party with one spectacular finish. Whew, what a party and show! SouthSide highly recommends making a special trip to see The Telepaths rockin' their next show ...perhaps at Area 51 with E.T. For more information, visit www.myspace.com/thetelepaths.

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  1. hey southside tanya - you are the best!! thanks for the kind words. we love the rocking!

  2. None of us could lose w/de Commish up front and a host of talent in support, including a genius on sound and a sweetheart behind the bar (you're the best Pauly!)


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