Monday, October 31, 2011

28 Oct 11

Hey, blogspot readers, welcome to SouthSide's On The Town Halloween weekend! This local party scene queen was rockin' the holiday spirit of ghouls and goblins while in disguise passing out treats (and some tricks) to other costumed revelers. Due to a sudden change of plans, she was unable to attend the hip Beat Kitchen going-away party for Super Happy Fun Club but did make a surprise appearance at Double Door for her other good friends, JC Brooks & The Upstown Sound for their record release show. The hot lineup also included DJ Sloppy White livening up the house music with his mix of classic and modern R&B/Soul/Funk tunes along with headliner White Mystery. Opening the show was Satan's Youth Ministers (yes, actual band from Alabama!) and this reviewer highly suggests attending the next congregation meeting wherever this metal-tastic band performs again. This was ONE wild and crazy fantastic of a rock performance ever witnessed by SouthSide so far this year that featured THE best stage attire word by any front man. She wished she had a camera to snap photos however the following description will just have to do, blogspot readers - kudos to Grand Magus Malister Sally who pranced around in a matching red bra, thong and nightie with flesh-tone fishnet stocking! Even this reviewer was sorely jealous that he could pull it off the ensemble better than she could. Fans will have a rockin' good time head banging to such hardcore guitar sounds of Xanax Love, Alright (a futuristic look of dying in a plane crash on the way to Japan) and the anti-love stalker ballad, I Don't Get Around. This reviewer highly suggests listening to an updated metal version of Divinyls' I Touch Myself called Jump Rope Fever - a song about those who use rope (and other implements) to ...well, you know. Plus check out Makin' Love to the T.V. Set (dedicated to those who need a little porn before having sex) and In The Court of the Crimson Tide (showing their love and devotion to Alabama football). For more information about this band, visit

And now, blogspot readers, come meet the next hardest working sould man on the local level - JC Brooks with The Uptown Sound! This R&B/Soul/Funk band is SO hot these days that they nearly sold out Double Door ...doubling the size of the crowd to see them than their last show (a month ago) at the Wicker Park venue. This was HUGE deal for them since they were celebrating the recent release of their debut album Want More. Legions of JC fans were ready to groove, shimmy and more with their favorite soul band which this time featured a hot horn rhythm section and lovely backup singers to liven up tonight's show. Opening with favorites like Can See Everything and Sister Ray Charles, JC and the band were totally fired up performing nothing like they did in September emitting more funkied beats and energetic momentum. The infecttious music was definitely had this dynamic front man rockin' out the stage when hitting those amazingly high falsetto notes in Beat, Baaad News and I Got High that he had the entire venue erupting into a crazed fan frenzy. There was plenty of Uptown sexiness to go along with JC's dashing looks and dapper attire (in a white jacket this time). Theresa and Whitney as backup singers added a bit of feminine sexiness and spice which complimented nicely JC's soulful vocals. However this reviewer does advised the ladies to added a little more vocal umph into their voices to project and match JC's dynamically powerful style especially when performing Tightrope and I Got High. There was enough to carry those two songs yet not enough to really melt hearts and ears. This reviewer highly suggests listening to the Wilco cover, I'm Trying To Break Your Heart which totally has thd their Uptown fans sweatily grooving to the hot soulfully funk hit and Art Sex (SouthSide's favorite to get into "the mood") that highlighted JC's ultra sexy cool voice under a steamy but erotic funk sound (think Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On - that's sizzlin hot it can get when adding a few lines of Fever into the song). And as usual, fans could not get enough of JC Brooks & The Uptown that they demanded one more ...more like one more set from this hard working performer after finishing Baltimore. After the show, JC commented to SouthSide saying he thought their last Double Door show was hot and she wholeheartedly agrees with that. HOWEVER, blogspot readers, tonight's performance was one of the HOTTEST she had ever seen them so far. For more information about this band, visit

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