Monday, October 31, 2011

26 Oct 11

"...hi, I'm Nick Lynch and I just met these guys tonight..."

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's back on the beat at Martyrs' tonight. And this time, she's enjoying a relaxing evening of music by three local singer/songwriters performing on stage. A complete change from when she was there on Friday for Los Straitjackets' Rock-n-Burlesque show. Featured in the lineup was Xoe Wise and good friend Matt Ryd who recently returned from touring together with Nick Lynch opening for them. This reviewer highly suggests getting better acquainted with this dynamic yet soulfully heartfelt vocalist Nick Lynch ( Strongly reminding her of Bryan Adams, this singer/songwriter captivated SouthSide's attention with a lively but soulful acoustic sound and natural falsetto voice. Even while under a slight upbeat temp or bluesy-gospel feel, Nick made the lyrics pop to life with such a vibrant and vivid imagery. The highlight of his set was covering Marc Cohn's Walking In Memphis which had this reviewer liking the steady downtempo pace and raspy heartfelt soul on lyrics. Though staying for part of headliner Xoe Wise's ( performance, SouthSide also recommends checking out this contemporary singer/songwriter for her soft yet vocally dynamic style. This artist had a way of being energetically intense with her voice during certain moments of a song to pinpoint that mood and/or tone for vocal emphasis. For instance during the song, Dear Some Guy, amidst the pop/alternative vibe, Xoe's voice added more vocal strength to express the heartfelt sentiments wrapped inside the lyrics meanwhile during Home, she immediately popped each word to life with a distinct realistic picture under a laidback music groove. This particular song was meant to be leisurely enjoyed not rushed, blogspot readers as the lively downtempo rhythms captivated the ears. In another fine example, Your Love, Xoe showed off her coutnry twang in her vocals during this heartwarming love ballad.

"...we're Matt Ryd and The Awesomes..."

Fans of the hit television comedy series, Scrubs, might know of SouthSide's friend, Matt Ryd ...well, at least, have heard of him and one particular song, Healed that was featured in an episode. If not, she highly suggests getting better acquainted with this singer/songwriter at his next performance. As "Best Segue Artist of 2010", Matt Ryd is simply more than a singer and songwriter on guitar ...he's also a captivating storyteller with many humorous tales and interesting facts behind some of his songs like Nobody But Me (inspired after experiencing a drinking binge hangover) or the reason behind performing Misery Business at a youth center one day. Yet, this Matt Ryd performance wasn't like the last time SouthSide reviewed him. This set introduced the mid-week night audience to a different side of this artist in which the music was more on the contemporary pop/alternative genre. And this reviewer gave the new move two thumbsup because it allowed him to explore otehr pop-like songs that he and the band easily livened up the stage. It was light easy-listening wonderfully projecting a vibrant yet lively mix of tempos and rhythmic sounds such as Matt's cover of the J-pop song, Toxic. This artist captured the energetic feel of the original composition as well as the Asian pop vibe. Or slightly changing guitars (from acoutic to electric) will added a fun pop element to his own songs like Pieces and Wonderin though retaining that acoustic feel inside the violin notes. Within this style of music, Matt also became more vocally expressive especially when sharing the mic with Laura (also on keyboards) during certain songs. For example while singing Love & Quantum Physics (some things Matt will never understand) and For So Long, her strong dynamic vocals naturally complemented Matt's heartfelt side bringing out more emotional boldness in his falsetto voice. Laura's assistance in drawing out the tender sentiments and heartfelt emotions out of Matt made for a more dramatic and dynamic vocal presence, blogspot readers. For more information about Matt Ryd and his music, visit

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