Tuesday, October 11, 2011

08 Oct 11

Hey, blogspot readers, welcome to the hottest party of the next millennium ...happening now! Tonight, at The Abbey Pub, SouthSide rocked a very late yet special show that featured psychedelic, jazz-fused, trippy organic electronica/experimental music. Continuously flowing ..always edgy and fresh ...energizing ...vibrantly spontaneous which kept this crowd dancing under its magic spell until the wee hours of Sunday morning. And when it was over, everyone wasn't chanting "one more song" but "one more set". The band this reviewer is speaking of - her good friends, Papadosio (NC). If you haven't seen this world-class act, SouthSide highly suggests you do as well as the jazz-fused/experimental (and more) band that opened for them, The Coop.

The funkadelic sounds of jazz, electronica and dubstep/techno meshed into one free-flowing grove that kept this packed venue vibin' to the music until the end. That's pretty much a good description, blogspot readers, of The Coop's opening performance without giving too much away. This reviewer immediately liked the vibrant sound wafting throughout ...very energizing yet (at times) calming at the same time. You not only heard the electronica, guitar riffs or the bluesy saxophone rhythms - you felt each and every note which had many (including SouthSide) dancing to the ambient sounds and melodic groove. The Coop tightly wrapped everyone within this type of momentum song after song like Space Cakes I, It's All Here and The Quest (these songs and more are featured on The Coop's Internalize CD). This reviewer highly suggests rockin' your ears to this local band's new song, Cosmic Blanket. Featuring digital playback for the song's vocals and lyrics, many shining happy people (those closest to the stage) were instantly groovin' to the intense melodic electronica beat ...very spacy with plenty of digital wizardry to rock your body. In a nutshell, this song was a cosmic snuggie blanket of warm electronic sound and music. The Coop is touring in support of Papadosio for a few dates and this reviewer highly suggests checking them out at their next show. Visit http://www.thecoopmusic.net or http://www.facebook.com/thecoopmusic for more music and details.

With this crowd thoroughly warmed up, good friends Papadosio rocked out the night with the best electronica-music party scene ever, blogspot readers! Under the spectacular glow of The Abbey's stage lighting and this band's groovelicious music, everyone (those who were lucky enough to get inside to see this band - many more were waiting to get in) was immediately captivated by the organic wizardry of this band's electronic melodies and rock (guitar riffs and percussion) rhythms. Very hypnotizing as well as ambient in which everyone reacted to Papadosio's vibrantly energizing momentum in their own special way. Some danced ...others body rocked with swinging lights (sometimes there are hula hoopers in the crowd) ...the rest just swayed underneath the mesmerizing sound. No one, blogspot readers, not even SouthSide could escape the contagious sound. Can't explain how this reviewer felt while amidst the nonstop flow of music but she was definitely lost within the other shining happy people dancing to the music. Think of a rollercoaster while listening to Papadosio's music. It contained many dramatically climbing crescendos ...free-falling melodic crashes and beats ...twists and turns as your ears ride the cosmic soundwave. The lighting sequence (wonderfully provided by The Abbey Pub) truly helped in keeping everyone deeply immersed inside that technowave club scene vibe song after song. Besides dazzling the crowd with such favorites - Smile and Nod and By The Bright Lights Of The Stars, Papadosio rocked a robotic groove with their The Bionic Man Meets His Past that featured a downtempo lull at first then added gradually rising melodies and rhythms. This soundwave still kept everyone energized while feeling that steadily crescendo rise until (there was an actual pause here to this song, blogspot readers) POW - an explosion of electronica music to which the crowd erupted into cheers and more frenzy dancing. SouthSide would like to reveal the rest of Papadosio's spectacular headlining performance however it would simply ruin your own experience with this band when you attend their next show. She will give you some piece of advice - arrive to the show early. Papadosio's known to sell out and/or pack a venue with loyal fans wherever they perform. So if you want to experience what the other shining happy people are experiencing, then get to the show EARLY. For more information about this band and tour details, visit http://www.papadosio.com or http://www.papadosio.bandcamp.com (for free music).

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