Monday, October 17, 2011

12 Oct 11

After a hot and steamy debate, blogspot readers, there's nothing like a cool refreshing "sip" with a band. And that's what SouthSide did as she headed to the hip Wicker Park area for The Southern Moonshine Art Festival at The Southern. This one-night only fest featured local artists and crafters displaying air-brushed portraits to custom-made jewelry pieces upstairs. Downstairs in the bar, SouthSide's friends, I Can Hear Myself Levitate were on tap for a rare acoustic performance. This reviewer hihgly recommends checking out this bi-level restaurant/bar (with open air terrace seating, weather permitting). She enjoyed the intimate yet friendly atmosphere and hopes to return soon (with a bunch of friends) to sample a few delicious items off their menu.

It was a rare yet unconventional acoustic set by local rockers, I Can Hear Myself Levitate, blogspot readers. Rare - because it gave the guys a chance to step away from their amplified selves for one night to demonstrate vocal and talent abilities (as well as break-in their new drummer to hear ICHML songs at a live performance). Unconventional (and this isn't a band thing) - because the set was performed without any microphone or amplified acoustic guitar sound ...raw natural sound here - no electronic equipment. To say, SouthSide was impressed would be an understatement. She was thoroughly blown away by ICHML's powerful display of vocal and performance talent under an acoustic setting. This reviewer liked how front man, Chris, expressed his natural vocal powress withi his falsetto voice amidst the calming but sometimes intense guitar sound. You simply had to be at The Southern to hear the clear projection without any microphone usage wowing the ears of vibrant emotions that popped the lyrics to life. It was the kind of intensity in which you were made to feel what Chris was feeling while he sang not just hear the words even while in a downtempo acoustic rhythm. SouthSide plans on a future review on I Can Hear Myself Levitate's amplified side but in the meantime visit or for more information about thie band and upcoming shows.

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