Tuesday, January 13, 2009

08 Jan 09

“…I give you seven…” 6 Degrees of Seperation

Hey, Fearless fans, 2009 is off to a rockin’ start for SouthSide. On Thursday night, she was out and about in Lakeview to see new friends, 6 Degrees of Separation, performing at Elbo Room. Also sharing the stage was The Merging, Inn Cinema and Mellow Free. SouthSide recommends listening to Sam West and his acoustic version of I Put a Spell on You. This song fired up the audience for the next band when closing out his set.

Whoever said “Boomers don’t know how to rock in the new millennium” haven’t seen this band perform. Fearless fans, if you’re looking for a taste of that classic psychedelic sound mixed with some blues or glam/punk, then check out 6 Degrees of Separation. They’re “young” enough to bring back to life what was old for a new generation. After opening with Memphis Walk, the audience was completely blown away by their stage presence. Southside was simply impressed by their energy and style which rocked down the Elbo Room. She enjoyed the variety of genres woven throughout their songs. From psychedelic and powerpop in Just Wake Up to classic electric rock in Seven, there was something for everyone. This unique yet interesting combination of genres within 6 Degrees’ sound gave each song a different personality.

For example in Seven, not only you could distinctly hear the angst in the lyrics but also feel it in the electric riffs. The classic rock sound was a perfect match for the mood and tempo for this song. If you ever want to experience raw anger in music, SouthSide suggests listening to Seven. Another fine example would be Cruel Nation. The electrifying riffs instrumentally conveyed the mood and feel of the song to the audience which had them cheering. SouthSide felt the heavy metal rhythm during the intro to Face in the Crowd that got her head banging to the beat. Everyone in the audience was feeling the 6 Degrees’ rock sensation especially at the end. The closing song to this set had some dancing and grooving around the basement lounge. It was definitely a solid performance for 6 Degrees of Separation at Elbo Room, Fearless fans.

For more information about this band, their music and next performance, visit them at www.6degreestheband.com or www.myspace.com/6degreestheband.

Until next time, Fearless fans, support local indie artists and music.



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