Wednesday, January 14, 2009

09 Jan 09

“…Who likes songs about divorce…” Chapters

Hey, Fearless fans, not even a few snow flurries could keep SouthSide away from the coolest place on the Southside. The Friday night crowd packed Reggie’s Music Joint for another exciting evening of good food, fun and music. Bands like Across State Lines, Arctic Fox and Tennis Courts rocked the house with indie pop music.

SouthSide recommends Fearless fans catching Chapters during their Midwest Tour. She can best describe them as the “angry man’s views on love, marriage and relationship after a bitter divorce” type of band. Promoting the new EP, Wife, their songs provided a more realistic look at modern romance in the new millennium. And it’s not all fairy “they live happily ever after” tale kind of love either, Fearless fans. You’re going to feel that aggressiveness and angst from a frustrated male point of view in Consensual and Cheater. Those in the St. Louis area are encouraged to see Chapters’ next live performance on Jan 31 at Cruisin’ Route 66 with RadioRadio. For more information about this band and music, visit them at or

After firing up the crowd with New Plan, SouthSide had a hard time enjoying Arctic Fox’s performance. She enjoyed the pop rhythms off the keyboards and sound effects and the alternative rock off the guitars. This combination did have a great energizing vibe in getting the fan momentum going especially during the intros. However, that fire didn’t last since their songs took a slow tempo than it did in the opening. This reviewer expected more pop than fizzle within the set and music. The dark moody songs outweighed a couple of others which had more excitement and energy this reviewer enjoyed. She also noticed that sudden lackluster tone in their performance brought down the audience interest. For example, during Possible, there was no passion while echoing “possible” near the end of song. The vocals needed to vent more emotion into the lyrics to convey the tone to their audience. In SouthSide’s opinion, the final two songs certainly did bring the momentum back that was lost. She does suggest including more songs with energy and rock for Arctic Fox’s next performance. Fearless fans looking for something dark and moody in their pop/rock music should give Arctic Fox a listen. For more information about this band and their music, visit them at

Until next time, Fearless fans, support local indie artists and music.


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