Friday, March 11, 2011

09 Mar 11

Help! The French have invaded Chicago, blogspot readers! Shouting slogans like "...Viva la France..." and "...liberte egalite franternite...", the Napoleonic soldiers of music seized and captured The Abbey turning this quaint Irish pub into *gasp* a Euro discotech. For one night, vibrant sounds of electro/pop and club mixes by Gemini Club and Tahiti80 along with Chateau Marmont (making their first US appearance) easily won over the patrons by continuously keeping them in a party mood. Oh what a scene ...Napoleon would have been proud...

Before there were bumpin' sounds of Lady Gaga and others ruling the hip club scene of today, Chicago had its own distinct club/house sound vibin' the airwaves and scene. Gemini Club fantasically captured that essence and spirit as well as helped SouthSide relived those glory days during their French Invasion 2011 performance. The vibin' music (without a single break between songs) continuously popped with digital rhythms and thumping beats as well as edgy guitar riffs to give it that rock feel behind the keyboard wizardry. SouthSide immediately enjoyed how each Club mix had its own sound, rhythm, and energy - never sounding like the previous and the next. This reviewer was so busy rockin' to the electronic beats that she also forgot Gemini had a vocalist and lyrics, blogspot readers. At times, she heard dynamic falsetto amidst the digital groove while in others, there was some sounds of angst. Yet during one particular song, there was raw vocal powress rockin' Gemini's set. The highlight of SouthSide's night with Gemini Club was intensely watching the two keyboardists spin the stage with fierce energy full of digital rhythms especially during Ghost and St. Patrick's Day songs which featured guitar riffs and fast paced tempo within the vibratin' digital beat. Gemini Club will be rockin' SXSW with six appearances, blogspot readers, in which this reviewer highly recommends attending ...just be prepared to wear out your dancing shoes! Also snag a copy of their Ghost CD that features a Hey Champ remix (quite popular at certain clubs in Chicago). For more information, visit

Music, blogspot readers, knows no borders because speaks everyone's language. That's how SouthSide felt while grooving to Chateau Marmont's first US performance tonight. From Paris, France, this band brought their popular disco/techno music to an enthusiastic crowd who welcome them with open arms of friendship. SouthSide instantly enjoyed the fast moving, heart thumping music full of digital arias with a slight rock edge and vibrant keyboard rhythms ...melodies that dazzled the ears and inspired the soul to dance. Marmont's set had danceable beats intricately woven throughout their instrumental bridges creating an air of profound mystery (like Mer du Japon) at times. Add a few robotic-like vocals to the lyrics of certain songs thus immersing the audience into a wave of ultra cool techno rock sounds and energy. There was one particular song in which SouthSide enjoyed the space-like keyboard rhythms performed very vigorously as well as passionately. It literally blew her ears away while hearing hints of classical stanzas within Marmont's digital vibe that generated simply more than excitement amongst the audience ...they were left starving for more. Chateau Marmont easily veni vidi vici (came, saw and conquered) The Abbey in a matter of forty-five minutes, blogspot readers. SouthSide highly recommends checking out this band at their next scheduled appearance near you and she hopes they consider another Chicago appearance soon. In the meantime, visit for more details and music.

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois, soutenez votre scène locale,*

*Until next time, support your local scene in French

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  1. Southside,

    No doubt the techno music would have been great to listen to while up in the loft chowing on a pizza or hummus something. My dancing days are over. :-(



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