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11 Mar 11

" guys completely fell apart like the Chicago Bears..."
Gaelic Storm

Having survived her first French Invasion at The Abbey, it was time for SouthSide to tap into her Irish roots. And that's no blarney, blogspot readers! Tonight, she managed to escape undetected to the warm comforts of House of Blues to raise a pint and dance a lively jig with Gaelic Storm featuring Oakhurst. This world famous venue was festively decorated for St. Paddy's weekend fun happening around town when this reviewer arrived yet her night got to a partyin' start at the Foundation Room (VIP lounge). DJs were spinnin' the latest club mixes to keep everyone in the mood for the night's activities of Irish folk music and fun. Beyond the doors of the Foundation Room, SouthSide had a spectacular view of the stage and crowded action below even though there were two jumbo scenes displaying video of the stage.

Oakhurst (from CO) kicked off St. Paddy's fun with a rockin' jamboree - Celtic style, blogspot readrs. The crowd was deeply immersed into the band's quick fingered fiddlin' and toe-tappin' energetic tempo and rhythms heard within their Americana/Folk sound. Besides covering a tune by local guys, Wilco, Oakhurst had the crowd (on levels of House of Blues) feeling the essence of a steel locomotive rambling down the tracks during Train before swinging to a new version of Texas two-step in Twango. Both songs featured simplistic yet rhythmic sound that vibrantly popped to life as well as harmonizing vocals amongst the Oakhurst members while performing this feel good music, blogspot readers. With their combination of Americana with Country/Western or Folk wafting throughout the venue, there wasn't a moment during this performance where not one person was standing still thus forgoing the urge to dance. Oakhurst's music was too contagious not to especially when the band rocked the stage with a wee Irish instrumental tune titled Rough and Ready. SouthSide highly recommends attending Oakhurst's next schedule performance while currently on tour prepared to dance a lively jig or two, blogspot readers. Visit for details about this band.

This band definitely enraptured its loyal fans (as well as new ones like SouthSide) within an energetic storm of lively Irish folk tunes during their headlining performance, blogspot readers. Gaelic Storm (from CA) brought the magic and sound of the Emerald Isle with traditional violin and bagpipes rhythms amongst the acoustic/folk music which kept the crowd dancing a jig (between a couple of fights happening on the main floor). You should have seen how this crowd exploded to life with hot instanteous cheers that lit up the venue when this band performed a few fiery yet passionate traditional Irish instrumentals. While watching the crowd around and below her, everyone seemed to have their favorite Gaelic song or two in which they sang along with the band like Green Eyes, Red Hair (off current album, Cabbage), Scalliwag (a ballad about a gypsy and his girl, off the album Bring Yer Wellies), Rum Runner (about the worst in American History - Prohibition, also off Cabbage) or The Night I Punched Russell Crowe in the Head (a true but funny story about the time Steve punched Crowe for not extinguishing his cigarette inside a LA bar, off the album Where's the Rumpus?). Even though fans were sadly disappointed earlier when it was announced their favorite, Johnny Tarr (off the album Tree), wasn't on the set list for tonight's show ...but Gaelic did later oblige the diehards by performimg it. Oh don't think, it was merely this band performing on stage, blogspot readers, this crowd had their moment in the spotlight too. During one particular song, the venue was split straight down the middle - one side had to shout "whiskey" while the other "light" (while holding up their mobile phones) which also included having them doing a little "dance around" when told. Or the band had everyone pretending to be a "donkey" during the song Darcy's Donkey (also off Where's the Rumpus?) ...and if you didn't, be prepared to get pointed out by the band for not participating. It was certainly a workout riding like a "donkey" during a derby.

To say SouthSide had a fun time would be an understatment, blogspot readers, she had a fantastic time reviewing Gaelic Storm. She enjoyed the band's energy in which wasn't solely contained to the stage but felt amongst the fans around her ...the stories behind some of their songs (ie about Russell Crowe getting punched or about the stuffed donkey mounted like a trophy on the wall) were vividly brought to life with vibrant folk music (even Gaelic's downtempo ballads were performed fiercely as well as passionately). This reviewer highly recommends snagging a ticket for tonight's performance at House of Blues (Chicago) before this show is sold out however if you can't attend, visit for more information about when and where their rockin' Shamboozle 2011 tour rolls into a town near you.

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  1. Southside,

    I'll take it under advisement to see Oakhurst the next time they play. I also wanted to mention that Gaelic Storm played at Irishfest a few years ago. What a blast. :-)

    Russell Crowe... hehehehe.



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