Tuesday, March 8, 2011

05 Mar 11

...can we have some mood lighting... ~ Blue Eyed Jesus

Hey, blogspot readers, after last night's incredible, one of a kind show at Reggie's Rock Club, this fearless reviewer was ready for more! SouthSide's next adventure took her back to Elbo Room to get her mojo going with good friends, Machinegun Mojo. This band was excited about rockin' out their extra long set celebrating the sophomoric release of Souvenirs From the Other Side of Here (the follow-up to Machinegun's Fundraising For The Devil). Also performing along with Machinegun were good friends Shrub (look for a review on their Senorita album soon) and Blue Eyed Jesus and The Fingerprints. SouthSide would like to give a "shoutout" to Wags and company of Red City for taking a break from recording to support the bands. Still looking for a bassist, Red promises to return to the stage in a couple of months or so, blogspot readers.

This Jesus (not Ted Neeley of Jesus Christ Superstar) loves to thrill its fans with an exciting rock show, blogspot readers. Yet compared to their last show, SouthSide's good friends Blue Eyed Jesus added more rock umph into not only their vocals but music. For the diehard fans, there was more wicked electric licks and vibrant bass rhythms pulsating throughout the basement lounge to enjoy. For this reviewer, BEJ continued to amaze her ears with the band's intermixing of genres heard amongst their songs. It's their use of edgy guitar hooks and upbeat tempos (even while performing the ballad - Tell Me Again) that fuels the loyal BEJ fans into a fanatic frenzy at each show. They were excited to hear such favorites Hey Beautiful, Long Hard Nights and closer Velvet Years but this band had two new surprises rockin' the stage for them. New song Too Late jumpstarted this set with a loud rip-roaring bang in which SouthSide immediately like the melodic rhythms ...meanwhile Your Time (new song dedicated to the people in Libya, Egypt, and elsewhere) blasted the ears with hardcore guitar rock sound. This rock anthem was the highlighted featured of this performance for the way BEJ had the stage under an electrifying glow. Who knows when and where (Blue Eyed) Jesus will appear on stage again, blogspot readers, but do visit this band http://www.myspace.com/blueeyedjesusband for more information.

...let's hear it for the mustache... ~ Machinegun Mojo

SouthSide has reviewed a few incarnations of these local rockers before tonight's album release party, blogspot readers. Machinegun Mojo have been known in the local scene for its gritty guitar band feel with a "devil may care" explosive sound ...then turning into a band changing but always elvolving while experimenting with different genres to "find" themselves. Yet, they always delivered thrilling shows to their devoted fans. That was definitely the past because in SouthSide's opinion, this band has taken the right steps towards their destined rock niche after see the "new" mojo setup and hearing the new mojo sound. Besides Rooster (real name Josh - vocals/guitar/harmonica/violin/etc) and the Mojo regulars, there were two new faces added to this rockin' lineup - Katelyn(cello/guitar/vocals) and lapsteel guitar (performed on an upright keyboard stand). As the crowd chanted "mojo mojo" with eager anticipation for Mojo to begin, SouthSide wasn't too shocked over the new faces ...she was used to Rooster surprising fans with something different and/or extra for the show. However ...what she had seen before couldn't prepare this reviewer for tonight's show.

Machinegun Mojo, upon opening with Hannah (track 4 off new album, Souvenirs From The Other Side of Here) amazed and excited this crowd with a powerful vocal display by Rooster amongst the semi-acoustic sound. Yet there were surprises to be had when the band began rockin' the stage with an energetic mix of southern/country rock tempo which instantly had many heads banging to the rhythms. Fans should notice something special aobut her Mojo friends - this band's performances tend to be very intense whatever the genre they perform and they do not follow any conventional rules about their show ...basically come prepared to rock and get your mojo juices flowing along with. And tonight, this was one rockin' jamboree, blogspot readers, that had SouthSide loving the new additions sparking Mojo's fiery rock vibe. She had never seen them rock the stage with this kind of intensity before especially during her favorite song, Devil On The Radio (off Mojo's first album Fundraising For The Devil) which featured some spicy female vocals by Katelyn. This reviewer also enjoyed Rooster's fierce harmonica and violing skills while performing Jacob Palmer (track 9), one of the many rockin' highlights of this Mojo performance. This lively country rock tune featured Le Froix (guitar) on lead vocals while Rooster thrilled fans with his fantastic violin rhythms.

Other special highlights featured Katelyn and her dynamic female vocals which blew this reviewer away with her presence amidst Mojo's downtempo sound (heard in Walls) and gritty alternative/country style (Bad Thangz). Sadly disappointed that both songs aren't on the album (perhaps the next one) she perfectly complimented the vibe and feel of this band adding some sultry heat (while vocally assisting Rooster on certain songs) especially while covering Mojo's take on the popular 80s hit My Sharona (by The Knack) cleverly titled My Shit-rona. SouthSide hopes to see and hear more of her at future performances. Yet there were a few misses during this rockin' performance in which this reviewer does see as a growing process for the band. SouthSide had a difficult time jelling with Mojo's second vocalist in which she couldn't heard part of her vocals above the loudly performed music. There wasn't much soul heard or felt within her voice to draw out the heartache and pain experienced in song, Woman (track 5) or keep up with Mojo's vibe in the lively The Station (track 12) to fully compliment Rooster's dynamic vocal powress. Still, this reviewer enjoyed this local band's CD release show featuring new faces and rockin' sound ...who knows what new surprises will happen when Machinegun Mojo performs again. Visit http://www.myspace.com/machinegunmojo for more details about this band and its music.

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  1. Mojo's cellist/vocalist here. Thanks for the review, SouthSide! For the record, my name is Katelyn (not Kayla), but close enough! I appreciate your kind words.


  2. Hey Southside,

    How cool is it to have a song dedicated to the people over there who want change and freedom... even though they may be abstract concepts.

    Mojo has violin? This is one of the few times I've heard of a group with a violin rhythm.



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