Friday, March 4, 2011

01 Mar 11's all about the egg ...all I want is an egg...
Tony Lucca referencing Lady Gaga's red carpet egg entrance at this year's Grammy's

Hey, blogspot readers, it was a beautiful night for music. Kicking off her busy March calendar, SouthSide attended another intimate as well as captivating performance at SPACE (located in Evanston, IL). Singer/songwriter Tony Lucca returned to this popular suburban venue (try the pizza at the restaurant) for another one-night only show featuring an acoustic set by Jerad Finck. This reviewer highly suggests checking out this singer/songwriter (currently touring with Tony Lucca) for his dynamic yet powerful falsetto voice, upbeat rhythmic sound and heartfelt lyrics. His performance though short was the perfect mood setter in warming up this audience for Tony. SouthSide enjoyed how this artist acoustically brought a particular rock song to life (plenty of fiery passion heard off the riffs during the instrumental) and then express reverent tenderness under a melodic downtempo ballad in a new song (about hanging onto people we've lost). After performing his hit single, Goodbye, Jerad closed out his opening set with a unique version of The Beatles' Paperback Writer featuring more harmonized vocals (with Steve on acoustic as well) and a livelier tempo with a rockin' vibe of country sound. Visit for more details about this artist.

It was ultra-cool, smooth with his soulful R&B vocals vividly expressing the realism/fatherly advice within the lyrics vibrantly rocking the stage at times with vigor while in others gentle tenderness that can bring tears to the eyes ...all this and more while captivating the complete attention of his audience. Basically that's how SouthSide summed up her experience after seeing Tony Lucca's performance at SPACE. She was instantly hooked by his deep, soulful falsettos with some R&B tone in the voice that easily switched from being passionate and dynamic to downright funny depending on the song performed. Tony's vocal style mesmerized not only this reviewer but the audience as well ...keeping everyone within listening distance spellbound with his fascinating storytelling lyrics. He did more that simply sing the words, blogspot readers, he spun painted portraits about the personal experiences/people within his songs - creating realistic images that popped to life each time. A perfect example would be Two Trains , the "not his true story" song about taking acid and SATs (SouthSide enjoyed Tony's improvisational skills when forgetting some of the words). Another would be Around The Bend in which this reviewer vividly heard personal experiences (probably some from his own life) woven into the lyrics during this acoustic solo.

The highlight of the night for SouthSide came when Tony performed Broken Wagon (off his Shotgun album) on the piano. Though never hearing the song until now, she enjoyed how the piano rhythms perfectly complimented his soulful voice while the band gradually matched the vibrant sound. It was one of many moments in which the audience sat completely still ...held captive by this singer/songwriter's songs. Another highlight came when he performed a song dedicated to his young daughter ...oh such tenderness heard within his fatherly advice to her brought a few tears to SouthSide's eyes. Being a mother of two (daughters) herself, this reviewer understand completely when he meant about loving her always, blogspot readers. This artist certainly captured the art of making the audience feel like close friends while spending moments between songs to talk to them about anything/everything while setting up for the next song. He had everyone fired up with exuberant laughter during his humorous take on Hide Your Kids Hide Your Wife (Bedroom Intruder) song - truly capturing the essence of this Youtube craze by Antoine Dodson. Besides other songs off his current album, Rendezvous With Angels, Tony did oblige his "friend" by performing their personal favorites like Devil Town and more.

SouthSide had a memorable time at SPACE and highly suggests catching this singer/songwriter while currently touring. Visit or for details when and where Tony Lucca's performing near you.

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  1. Great nite! Amazing performances, but the link for Jerad didn't work. The correct spelling is Jerad Finck, .

  2. Southside,

    "Paperback Writer" is one of my all time favourite Beatles song. Taking acid and the SAT at the same time? That would be surreal. Thanks for introducing me to Tony, I'm sure his heartfelt music and song will be most enjoyed by me. :-)



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