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16 Mar 11

SouthSide wishes to express her heartfelt sympathies and love to her blogspot readers in Japan ...she's thinking of you as well as encourages others to support their local scene trying to raise money for Japan at upcoming benefit shows happening in your area.

...that song was an anti-drug psa ...drugs don't cure everything...

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's partying with the leprechauns on this St. Paddy's eve-ning! Tonight, she's hanging out at Double Door for a presents show that featured an energetic combination of rock and techno (and some instances, visual imagery) rockin' the stage. The lineup included performances by electro/pop by Social Focus, metal-tastic/industrial by Cyanotic and club/pop rock by Violet Winter as the headliner. This reviewer sadly missed her friends, Seratonin Telegram's opening set however suggests visiting to listen to Checks & Balances and Villian with a Thousand Teeth.

SouthSide was extremely excited to see this band perform after reviewing their three-song, self-titled EP. And she can honestly say, blogspot readers, the recorded version of Social Focus pales in comparison to the live stage performance. This reviewer enjoyed the vibrant bursts of digital pop/rock as well as the raw depth of vocals pouring over the microphone. This band held nothing back from its audience ...they constantly kept the stage alive with such fantastic energy that SouthSide immediately found herself groovin' to the rhythmic tempo. Two things impressed this reviewer about Social Focus - first, how emotionally charged Adam's (front man) voice would get behind the electro vibe. He truly inserted himself emotionally and physically into the lyrics thus drawing out the powress heard within his voice to make the words come to life. For example, listen to new song Telephones in the Sky (not that type of anagram like Beatles' Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, blogspot readers) and feel the emotional angst via Adam's high falsetto tone with an edgier guitar riff sound. That type of falsetto vocals emphatically emphasized the dramatic side of the lyrics until the end. Or listen to track 3 - Note to Self in which Adam once again emotionally inserts himself with each falsetto range he reaches so easily. Even while the electro/pop was toned down for this ballad, you're made to feel the angst dripping from his voice. Second, fans will definitely enjoy the unique take of Social's three guitars rockin' the stage but not in a hardcore rock tone. Amidst the digital keyboard rhythms, this band managed to keep most of its riffs and chords well under the hardcore with a more subtle guitar melody thus creating a vibrant electro/pop vibe. For example, SouthSide's favorite song Merry-Go-Down (track 2 on the EP) was beautifully turned into a quick meditative minute (and half) of instrumental mood music for tonight's set. Yet if listening to the recorded version, you'll definitely hear the vividness of Social's melodic rhythms within this Beatles-esque tone of vocal harmonies. There was a moment, blogspot readers, when Social did amp up the hardcore sound during the song, Safeword, in which the entire band performed fiercely as well as passionately ...the energy felt from both lyrics and music blew this reviewer away. SouthSide highly dares blogspot readers into partaking the emotionally charged sound of Social Focus at their next show. Though feeling breathlessly drained, she guarantees you'll want more of them in the end. Visit or for more information about this band.

This next band, blogspot readers, begs the question - are you an angry robot hyped on drugs or not? Save the answer until finishing this review about Cyanotic. Combining the hardcore power of metal rock with techno rhythms (off the synths) and dizzying effects of random images displayed on screen, this band did happily leave this reviewer feeling her first pseudo drug-induced rock experience. Opening with a thundering blast of screamo and riffs, Cyanotic's music not only vibrated across the stage but throughout the entire venue ...infecting everyone within listening distance of their unique sound. It was freakishly fantastic hearing the blood-curdling angst within Sean's (front man) vocals amidst the shredding of metal riffs and digital sampling. And the creepy stage lighting also added a fine detail to this band's hauntingly psychotic experience for its audience. While performing songs like alt_machine and med:gen off their current album, The Medication Generation, Cyanotic also kept the eyes well entertained with a barrage of images running in sync with its set list. At one point, it became visually violent to fit the fast paced techno sound (while the metal faded to the background though still strongly felt) or the metal guitar riffs. This reviewer enjoyed Cyanotic's take on a Matrix-like subject but in reverse (retiring from the human race and becoming a robot) that featured a hardcore head-banging vibe of industrial sound as well as emotionally charged vocals literally steaming the microphone. She also recommends (loudly) rockin' your brains to track 6 - efficacy, track 10 - monochrome_skies, and track 14 - sentient ...have your neighbors think you're habving one serious panic attack because you missed your meds! After viewing this band, SouthSide was thoroughly left reeling in the wondrous effects of her Alice In Underland experience with Cyanotic, blogspot readers, they're definitely addictive. Visit for your own "angry robot on drugs" experience ...if you dare. So, blogspot readers, are you a robot or not? you want to be used or abused...

Good queston. Also combining digital rhythms with rock and visual imagery on screen, this headlining band quickly immersed its audience into the subtle yet haunting feel of person splitting in twos and fours during opening song, Part of Me. Violet Winter, when last seeing them, made quite of impression on SouthSide however tonight, this band impressed her even more as the headliner. There was more excitement heard within the music that produced edgier guitar riffs and vibrant techno rhythms as well as more vocal power by Oscar (front man) that had this reviewer feeling the lyrics. Compared to their Debonair Social show, SouthSide liked this Violet Winter rockin' the Double Door stage, blogspot readers. For example - Living A Lie (SouthSide's favorite song besides Abuse Me) and Break simply featured more than emotional depth from Oscar's voice but energetic momentum which instantly fueled fiery fan reaction ...especially during Break where they felt a front man gradually on the verge of snapping from pressure. Violet's energy was also felt in other songs like Disease (something you don't want to catch unless its Oscar's raw vocal angst behind the trio of guitars and synths), Perfect Drug (yes, more drugs coarsing your veins from this hardcore riff sound and lively digital groove that incited band momentum and Oscar to vocalize his voice powress) and new song Exosphere (SouthSide's new favorite that popped digitally within its downtempo pace retaining the hardcore guitar feel with the snyths rhythms intricately woven inside ...had that air and vibe of a club mix for the audience to dance). SouthSide highly suggest watching the steamy S/M themed video to Violet's Abuse Me on Youtube as well as visiting or for more information about this band.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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