Wednesday, March 23, 2011

22 Mar 11

Hey, blogspot readers, check out this rockin' music from SouthSide's newest friends from the land down under! Touring the US (with previous shows at this year's SXSW recently), Drawn From Bees rocked out the Elbo Room stage last night with an energetic blend of Aussie Country/Western/electro/pop sound. Or think of it this way, if David Bowie (as Ziggy Stardust) and Clint Eastwood had meshed musically, this would be their band. And SouthSide highly recommends attending their next scheduled show.

Musically, Drawn's unique rock sound produced a vibrant as well as mesmerizing vibe from its electro rhythms and country melodies which (sometimes) creates an epic ambience during their performance. This reviewer was completely awestruck ...spellbound and captived by this band's ultra cool momentum felt from the vibrating riffs and harmonizing three-part falsetto vocals (by Dan - guitar, Raven - guitar, and Matt - drums which also included Stew - bass during one particular song) that popped the lyrics to life with dynamic (and emotional) voices. And though Drawn asked forgiveness for sounding tired (this was their sixteenth gig thus far on the road), blogspot readers, this performance and band was sounded neither - it was superly intense and vivid especially with the lighting sequences complimenting each song's mood/tone.

SouthSide recommends listening to The East Wood Fox (track 3 - off current CD, Cautionary Tales For the Lionhearted) which perfectly spotlights the Aussie Country/Western sound (think "spaghetti" movie theme music when hearing the whistling) under the energetic electro/pop groove as well as feeling Dan's tenor falsetto voice pouring emotionally into the lyrics while in a downtempo pace. In another particular song, the acoustic opening highlighted Dan's vocals (with Raven and Matt backing) before wowing the captivated audience with a fiery rockin' blast of music which takes your breath away. You could actually hear the vocal angst behind "...this is your last chance..." in three-part harmony - the energy was indeed spectacular. Also check out track 4 - Picture Show for its ballad of cool rock vibe melting the ears as well as the vibrant harmonies (sung acapella at one point with the music toned down before a gradual crescendo rise).

Drawn From Bees are heading towards Boston (or have landed there) as SouthSide posts this review. She highly recommends blogspot readers there to show some love and attentive ear to this Aussie band at their next performance. Visit (or visit Facebook)for details and how to snag a copy of their current CD.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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