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21 Mar 11 - CD review (pt 2)

More highly recommended CDs for your consideration, blogspot readers.


"...this is the 'now' generation who are a part of the wave of the future..." - a bold but interesting statement that opens this rockin' 6-song EP by Shrub. And though SouthSide's not really a fan of the hiphop/rap genre, this band wonderfully fuses a little bit of everything (funk/soul to reggae/ska and Latin flavor) within their core sound instantly having her think of them as the indie version of War. This type of fusion kept this reviewer feeling the energetic rhythms and lively beats heard behind the lyrical verses within such songs like We Wanna Smoke and My Blood (in which features the vocalist expressing pure anger towards a neglectful father and sympathy for the mother in the lyrics with a Santana-like guitar solo). She also recommends getting your groove on with Come and Get It and Cherries (a smashing closing song which features a rockin' mixture of everything from pseudo country/alternative/R&B/etc).

Souvenirs From the Other Side of Here
Machinegun Mojo

Time to get your mojo on! Recently reviewed at Elbo Room, Machinegun Mojo rocks the local scene with a follow up to their 2009 EP - Fundraising For the Devil with Souvenirs From the Other Side of Here. This 12-song album features a Southern/Country rock sound ...even some downhome hillbilly with a retro rock-n-roll feel (1923) within many of Mojo's songs. This, blogspot readers, band's music now is a complete 360 from their previous "devil may care" hardcore guitar rock sound stage despite knowing Rooster (front man) and the guys are constantly experimenting as well evolving to where they want Mojo to be. After opening with a quick Asian-influenced title track, the band moves right into a lively upbeat sound with a couple of ballads (Woman and Jacob Palmer). SouthSide recommends listening to Latin-flavored (with flamenco guitar riffs inside a "spaghetti" Western theme) Spanish Gold and the quick ditty (or commercial break, depending on how you view this fun song) about a woman named Fat Lip Lucy.

The Living Room
Abbi Rajasekhar

SouthSide highly recommends snagging this CD featuring a raspy, Janis Joplin-like voice within a powerful display of realistic storytelling lyrics by Abbi Rajasekhar. Fans will enjoy listening Abbi's dynamic voccals in which she emotionally inserts herself into the words thus creating heartfelt as well as expressive vibe throughout this 7-song EP. Musically, this EP has a lively yet upbeat acoustic guitar riffs full of passionate energy and melodic rhythms (as heard in track 2) and profound sadness/heartache (as heard in track 3 - a perfect starter to hear how dynamic Abbi's voice can be). SouthSide also recommends listening to the radio-ready song having heartfelt realism and honesty in My Heart in My Hands.

Gemini Club

Hey, club scenesters, SouthSide's currently rockin' to a revived dazzling techno/rock energy and feel found in Ghost by Gemini Club. This band (recently seen at a rare live appearance) wonderfully captures the essence of Chicago's underground club scene with its song - Ghost, however remixed by other local artists rockin' the scene/genre. The original title track is full of danceable energy and digital wizardry but SouthSide recommends groovin' to Hey Champ's remix (featuring additional vocals by the band) which flips Gemini's original into an ultra cool club mix pumping vibrant rhythms and beats (with some electric conga sounds near the end). Also she recommends Midnight Conspiracy's version (Gemini Club meets the metal/industrial scene) that's a darker digital remix and Barresto's version (Gemini Club meets Daft Punk-esque sound) as well as Gemini's own nine minute plus re-edit version.


Have you taken your daily recommended (government perscribed) dosage of Xanax today, blogspot readers? Then grab your meds and listen to this 14-track CD by local metal rockers, Cyanotic. Recently reviewed rockin' out Double Door, this band combines the hardcore (thundering guitar riffs and screamo) and digital (techno synths and sampling) to create one rockin' blast of gritty industrial music to bang your head to each song. Since this is the age of the medication generation, Cyanotic's raw sound and realistic lyrics essentially captures the current mood and state of our modern society's dependence on the "fix all, cure all" drugs. Plus Sean (front man) and the band tackles our need to drop out of the human race and become mindless, emotionless robots. Besides cranking up the volume to efficacy, monochrome_skies, and sentient, also listen to the same and programmed - an excellent expose on what happens when becoming a mindless bot (Cyanotic's Matrix-like subject in reverse) as well as comadose - a surprisingly mellow, meditative metal track for that loopy medication trip feeling as Sean's hauntingly whispers in your ears "...I wish I felt safe / I wish I knew my place..."

Until next time, support your local scene,

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