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21 Mar 11 - CD review

Hey, blogspot readers, spring has finally arrived! And with it comes new music to rock your ears. SouthSide highly recommends snagging one (or more) of the following CDs reviewed.

North Of Nowhere
The Real Jane Martin

Featured in last Friday's RedEye here in Chicago, this local duo of the urban folk sound recently released a follow up to their Simple Math album titled North Of Nowhere. This 6-song CD pops with harmonizing vocals (by Mark and Allen), energizing music full of melodic rhythms and refreshing sounds (from pop to a funky Blues/R&B) heard in the title track, North of Nowhere and Elise (track 4). This reviewer liked the heartfelt lyrics within the storytelling words which at times brings tender meaning and/or sentiment like in Nine Miles. The Real Jane Martin is always a pleasure to see performing live on stage and their next performance will be Saturday, March 26 at Uncommon Ground (Wrigleyville location).

Word Of Mind
Along The Parallel

SouthSide highly suggests cranking up the volume to hear as well as feel the full effect of Along The Parallel's hardcore rock in this debut CD. There's plenty of rip-roaring guitar riffs to appease any blogspot reader who enjoys their metal done hard with Mike's (front man) raw screamo/vocals (even while in a downtempo ballad like Mercury Retrograde) pumping that angst into the lyrics throughout this 6-song CD. Check out ATP's rockin' songs Nexus (track 1) and Messiah's Anthem (track 3) for that twitterpating chords and metal-tastic sound to bang your head.

Darlingside (MA)

Recently reviewing this quintet's Elbo Room performance, SouthSide had the opportunity to hear the recorded version of Darlingside off their self-titled CD. Besides wowing the ears with harmonizing vocals, the real main attraction about this unique rock band is the inclusion of electric symphonic rhythms by cello and violin within its vibrant alternative sound. The orchestral strings (heard in songs like Surround and Malea) add a melodic touch as well as energetic momentum to Darling's songs. Yet there's also an acoustic side which doesn't feature both cello and violin together but (sometimes) a mandolin with the violin creating a downtempo Irish tune (The Catbird Seat) or mandolin with guitars for a rockin' vibe (In The Morning).

Bambi Raptor

Well, blogspot readers, SouthSide's friends, Bambi Raptor, recently had a growth spurt ...a major one with its follow up to Conception. In Adolescence, this local band has gradually shown its maturity in the music but especially in Roger's (front man) vocals. Fans will enjoy Bambi's teenage stages throughout this 6-song CD from rebellion (I'm Not Listening) to fantasties (Dreams) and heartache (Border Patrol). This CD also features the popular fan favorite Cosplay under a vibrant electro/pop with some Asian influence heard off the guitars and synths.

The Holy Noise
Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters (GA)

Looking for something out of the ordinary Country music to add to your collection? SouthSide highly suggests checking out this 6-song CD by Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters which features a vibrant psychedelic/electro rock sound within this band's country songs. It's haunting yet melodic (as seen during their recent Elbo Room performance) under its nontraditional as well as unconventionally epic ...what a unique genre combination, blogspot readers. The trippy electro woven intricately throughout Damon's music can be (sometimes) a mystical downtempo ballad (as heard in track 3) or an energetic hardcore rock song (as heard in track 6). Though Damon's vocals give each song that whispering ghost-like falsetto meant to scare a little, SouthSide enjoyed the deep profound mystery heard too within the lyrics.

Until Then
The Bright White

Recently reviewed rockin' the stage at Scubas, The Bright White wowed SouthSide with their energetic take on the retro/Brit pop sound and dynamically intense vocals by front man, Matthew. This 5-song EP, blogspot readers, matches that same sensation felt during the band's live performance even though not having his charismatic stage performance in your ears. Fans will definitely enjoy the melodic rhythms, exciting guitar riffs and lively danceable tempos in what SouthSide calls a "feel good" vibe heard in such songs like We Are Not Animals and Refugees. This reviewer highly suggests listening to Upon The Wall - compared to the live version's downtempo feel, the recorded version popped with a livelier tempo and edgier guitar sound.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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