Wednesday, March 16, 2011

14 Mar 11

WOW! What a weekend, blogspot readers! After rockin' (and working) hard it was time for this reviewer to enjoy a night of musically pleasing performance by Darlingside. This band (from MA) wonderfully combined the elements of symphonic stringed clips and staccatos with the powerful blast of rock-n-roll. Its eclectically unique sound from this quintet featuring an electric cello and violin packed the Elbo Room basement lounge for Darling's special double set.

SouthSide highly recommends checking out this band's vibrant orchestral sound full of crescendo rises and allegro tempos as well as edgy guitar riffs. Fans of both classical and rock will enjoy the intensity from Darling's music ...its vividly energetic vibe wafting from the melodies and rhythms that will leave the ears straining for more. It's an intriguing combination, blogspot readers, when hearing this band's songs (even while in a downtempo pace or in semi-acoustic/alternative sound) being performed fiercely and passionately. This reviewer suggests listening to The Catbird Seat (track 4 off Darlingside's self-titled EP) - a heartfelt Irish-inspired ballad which complimented David's (front man) vocals between frequent bursts of violin and cello rhythms under a calming lull towards the end. Meanwhile Ava had the essence of taking a flight with Darling as the electric strings rose and fell dramatically along with the guitars that soothingly encompassed the song. She also suggests listening to fan favorite, track 2 - Surround (dynamic falsetto vocals done in three-part harmony amidst vibrant stringed rock music) and the straight alternative/rock sound of Terrible Things. The hightlight of this night was Darling's cover of Muse's Knights of Cydonia. This electrifying version of England's unofficial anthem symphonically rocked out Elbo Room with a BANG!

Darlingside's currently on tour and will have performances during SXSW. Blogspot readers should visit for details of upcoming performances.

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