Tuesday, June 3, 2014

29 May 14

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide has found her jam band for the summer!

With the summer months expecting to be hot this year, this reviewer needs some rockin' music to cool her evenings ...and she recently found it with Peasantry. This band recently rocked the main stage at Lakeview's Elbo Room while sharing the stage with Gold Rush and Muggsy Bogues. This local band had cool yet hot music combination to which immediately caught SouthSide's attention. Peasantry took some rock alternative amped it with a fusion of garage-lo fi- power pop and a little sprinkle of psychedelia (heard off the guitars) thus adding the right vocals ...and POW - you have what this reviewer believes to be a potentially good mix for a summer jam band. Another added bonus, these guys really love to jam to the music they're rockin' to.
Opening their set with a bang, SouthSide liked how this band had the audience immediately wrapped within its music web and never letting go until the very last note of the closer had died. Each member of Peasantry had us feeling the cool summer-like breeze off the retro power pop/psychedelia sound before rockin out the stage with other songs like "Break" (love the music floetry in this one which will make you want to dance) and "Palace" (another one in which had a very moving melodic flow of sound) as well as vibrantly wowing the ears in between with trippy guitar riffs and explosive intros and outros each time. Basically, you could say, blogspot readers, the music does most of the talking for Peasantry ...and you would be correct. This reviewer at times found a groove within their downtempo rhythms even though the spontaneous bursts of energy was taken down a notch or two. Yet there was still enough to keep your feet moving to the beat.
And if you're looking for something mellow and calming, Peasantry can do that too, blogspot readers. She found herself lost at one point during their set when the guys turned up the groove but keeping the mellow and relaxing so you could feel (as well as hear) the melodic flow especially within the instrumental bridge off the keyboard. However she doesn't want to forget the vocals by this band which wonderfully complemented this style of music. Such vibrant music needs lyrics to keep you jamming along with them. "...feelings are fragile ...and I don't want to break ya..." Ah, the power of words that can tug on the heart strings, blogspot readers, when we were treated to a brief poetry reading during the middle of a song. This reviewer also recommends checking out other songs by Peasantry like track 4 "Silk & Lace" (melodic tune within a rock alternative/garage sound) and track 5 "Spin" (if you're looking to relax under a very groovy melodic tune, this is the one you should listen to on a very hot summer night).
SouthSide highly recommends welcoming the official start of by seeing Peasantry rockin' the stage again on Jun 21 at Quenchers Saloon.
For more information about Peasantry, visit http://www.peasantry.bandcamp.com.
Until next time, support your local scene,

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