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04 Jun 14 - Big Freedia

“...I’m that Queen that will make you bounce...” ~ Big Freedia

Hip Hop like many music genres (especially rap) has many regional variations and/or styles to which they have their own names like go-go (for example: go-go, a D.C. music style). Yet in NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana), dance enthusiasts within the underground scene have something that’s called “bounce”, blogspot readers.

And tonight at Empty Bottle, this reviewer finally got her lesson on how to “bounce” correctly like they do it in NOLA while attending the first of two Big Freedia performance. It was rump shaker kind of party on hump day since basically that’s what she and many others who packed this popular Ukrainian Village venue were doing all night long, blogspot readers. Before Big Freedia and his entourage of dancers demonstrated the many ways one could “bounce”, opening acts Chances Dances ( and a select few artists of Salonathon (  entertained the crowd with a rockin’ DJ sets, dance and poetic reading. The DJ trio known as Chances Dances had only one advice for the crowded Empty Bottle – get the kinks out before Big Freedia performed. With booty-shakin’ music vibing throughout, no one had any problems doing just that although it took a while but the room was movin’ and groovin’ nonstop ...showing off their best rump-shakin’ moves in front of the stage as well as where SouthSide stood. Meanwhile Salon-a-thon featured a tiny sample of up and coming artists rockin’ the stage whether it’s dramatic words to dance and/or avant garde theatric performance. First up Winifred Coon asked the crowd “...does my sexiness upset you...” while firing up the our minds with her passionate words. Then, we were dazzled by a very sultry dance number set to the song “Pusher Love” by the lovely Darling Sheer before Witch Hazel took over the stage to blow out minds with a dramatic out-of-this-world alien sex, blogspot readers. Yes, this avant garde performance was shocking as it was meant to be yet it was very entertaining in which some in the crowd were lucky enough to sample some of the alien creaminess at the end. Lastly, Mr. Wallace performed a short vignettes of songs off his EP which had the crowd instantly wrapped within his intense energy, vibin’ beats and commanding stage presence especially when strutting around in a blue bikini. What a perfect ending performance to open for Big Freedia, blogspot readers.

Now with that crowd was thoroughly pumped, ready and partying extremely hard, blogspot readers, it was time for the Queen Diva himself (or herself - he answers to either pronoun used) to demonstrate the arse-shaking dance called "bounce". Opening this party with an explosive bang, you couldn't imagine (unless there yourself) the instantaneous bursts this crowd sprung to life when he stepped on stage. Suddenly, Empty Bottle turned from a rock venue to an underground NOLA nightclub with people bouncing everywhere. And yes, there was SO much bouncing going on here tonight from start to finish that this reviewer was nearly exhausted before his performance was over. Yet, that's a good thing! It means this show was what SouthSide was expecting entertainment that was excitable and kept her attention (though she may have missed a few things here and there because she was too busy jotting down notes) until the very end. Big Freedia along with his entourage of bouncy dancers didn't waste a minute getting this packed venue all riled up and bouncing along with them, blogspot readers. Each and every minute was spent keeping the arses bouncing to his vibin' beats. Even if you didn't want to do it or thought you might be doing it wrong, he definitely does have an infectious way of getting everyone (no matter where you stood in this venue) to have fun while you bounce along with him and The Divas (the dancers), And if you get exhausted from the bouncing, too bad because it's Big Freedia's intentions to keep your arse shaking for him until he says it's time to stop. Certainly, the Queen that will make you bounce.
"...I got that gin in my system ...somebody's gonna be my victim..."
In a nutshell, it was more than just attending a Big Freedia concert. It was an intense, booty shaking to the extreme concert with incredible demonstrations of how flexible your arse can be as Big Freedia and The Divas showed off the many styles with a circular motion and a variation of crunk styles of the "bounce" during a sort of dance off competition. And believe, there are SO many ways and things you can "bounce" off from. Some of these things seen had to be left to SouthSide's imagination though wondering how the world can she or he to do that by doing that. Too many  amazing feats of bouncing happening all over the stage to put into this review which would spoil your fun when seeing Big Freedia in action yourself. But, she'll tell you that you can bounce even while in a handstand position or up against the wall ...get funky in a Kung Fu/karate bounce dance move. If you think it was insanely wild and crazy on stage, you should try being stuck in the middle trying to take notes while people around you are bouncing hard to songs like "Y'all Get Back Now", "Rock Around The Clock" and "Make Ya Booty Go". So insanely wild that twice he had a stage full of fans of all booty shapes and sizes (guys too - this dance isn't solely limited to the ladies, blogspot readers) crowding on stage to demonstrate their best bounce moves during "Azz Everywhere"  and "Freaky Money" in which the muscles in the glutinous maximus were working overtime all night, blogspot readers, especially when the Queen Diva himself show everyone how he bounces - totally had the crowd cheering each time too. During the set, Big Freedia debut tiny samples of what's to come off his upcoming album "Just Be Free" which included the title track and "Explode". He loved the way Chicago wobbles too. While doing a little rump-shaking herself, this reviewer enjoyed the excitement each of his lively mix of rhythmic beats and sampled tracks that will make you "...wiggle your hands while you shake your ass..." all night.

Whew. This was the best rump-shaking party ever, blogspot readers! And this just the first night of Big Freedia's two-night only performances. This reviewer can only imagine how intense and insane it was with locals Porn and Chicken handling the DJ sets before Big Freedia and The Divas bounced again.

SouthSide highly recommends getting your NOLA "bounce" on, blogspot readers, when Big Freedia's Just Be Free tour hits the Milwaukee Pride Fest (this Sat in Milwaukee, WI) and other cities like Cambridge, MA; New Orleans, LA  and San Francisco, CA. For more information about Big Freedia, visit

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