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15 Jun 14 - Taste of Randolph Day 3

Train Company on East stage
Hey, blogspot readers, it’s Day 3 of Taste of Randolph and SouthSide’s ready to rock her way around this West Loop festival before heading to Elbo Room to rock with Attic Light and The New Sex and Drugs. This reviewer had her day planned ...she was going to see local acts The O’My’s, Ryan Powers and The Secret Weapons and The Heard performing in between cruising the vendors and sampling more food and more despite the dark rain clouds looming overhead. A little rain doesn’t scare away people like SouthSide, blogspot readers. It merely adds to the fun of the day.

The O'My's on West stage
First, she headed towards East stage to jam with Train Company for a few minutes before having to rush through a light crowd around the restaurant booths for the West stage to see and hear The O’My’s ( What a funky good time you can have with this jammin’ soul/R&B/rock band, blogspot readers. It’s all about having a fun time in which this reviewer immediately liked about the band due to its vibrant blasts of soul music, the energy and deep “old school” vocals (think Ray Charles, Al Green, etc) by front man/guitarist Mateo. Dancing was not only encouraged but a must. No standing still while attending an O’My’s live performance, blogspot readers. Performing a fun selection of original jams like “Feeling Like A King”, they rocked the stage with a 70s classic hit “Nothing from Nothing” (by Billy Preston) that had many in the crowd groovin’ to the funky rhythmic beat. She highly recommends checking out this soulful R&B band at their next performance.

Customer getting a henna tattoo
Since the crowd was light at this time, SouthSide decided to cruise the vendor booths one last time, blogspot readers, and closely observe some of the booth owners at work. Her first stop brought to Elegant Henna Tattoos where the owner was imprinting a design on a customer’s hand. The intricate attention to detail of the design was expertly crafted on the young woman’s right hand with the dark ink. Then it was off to walking around some more, blogspot readers, observing a group in deep meditation with healers at the Yoga tent. Moving along, she stopped for a minute at La Sardine to sniff the cooking chicken and kebabs on the open grill while nearby at Alhambra, the staff were busy helping customers with food orders. Meanwhile at Wishbone, it was all about loudly hawking their famous lemonade, bean burgers and other veggie options but once again at Nicholas Quality Meats, it was another day of long lines for their delicious kebabs ...and believe, SouthSide, it’s worth the wait in line for these yummy kebabs (she tried the chicken and steak). Now it was time for some dessert. Over at the Starfruit booth, this reviewer tried a sample of frozen coconut kefir before snacking on a frozen coconut kefir bar. Ummm, a delicious sweet treat on a Sunday afternoon when it started to rain for a few minutes. The quick rain shower was all this reviewer needed to rest (while her mobile) was recharging at the Redeye booth.

Ryan Powers and the Secret Weapons
After a short break, it was time to head towards East stage again to rock with her friend Ryan Powers with his band, The Secret Weapons (, blogspot readers. She enjoyed jammin’ with this band’s lively rock/alternative sound which a few in the crowd groovin’ along to the fun rhythms and upbeat boggie tempo within its music. However, sadly, SouthSide couldn’t stay too long with Ryan and band because The Heard was also performing on the West stage at the same time. Not to worry, blogspot readers, she plans to give this groovy local band a full On The Town review in the near future.
The Heard with David Shaw of The Revivalists
At the other end of Taste of Randolph, The Heard were also rockin’ the stage amidst a funk-tastic jam sound which included a couple of stage numbers with David Shaw of The Revivalists (another fun band SouthSide knows from NOLA) joining the band on stage. Everyone in the crowd including the security detail and maintenance workers were shaking their groove thang to the smokin’ hot funk music. Like The O’My’s, there’s no standing still during this performance ...not when you’re listening (as well as) feeling the bumpin’ vibe from The Heard’s rhythm section of horns fused with the jammin’ energy of the guitars and melodic beats of the keyboards and drums. Yes, blogspot readers, this local band has plenty of musical gas to get you dancing and keep your body in a state of motion until the end. Even after a few songs, the crowd wanted more funk-tastic jams! If you’re looking for a fun time groovin’ to funky music, then check The Heard ( at their next show.
Customers at Vivo booth

Well, blogspot readers, it’s time to say “good bye” to Taste of Randolph 2014. This reviewer would like to thank the friendly staff of Vivo for the yummy sausage sandwiches, Nicholas Quality Meats for the kebabs and Starfruit for the delicious coconut kefir as well as the many vendors for allowing her to snap photos in and around their booths. In a nutshell, she had a fun time hanging out with the crowds near the stages and VIP lounge. It was a blast, blogspot readers. See you next year!

Until next time, support your local scene,

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