Friday, June 27, 2014

26 Jun 14 - Thrillist's Culinary Safari

Hey, blogspot readers, who's daring to take a safari adventure with SouthSide tonight? And you won't need a plane ticket or your passport. Tonight, SouthSide's attending a private event in the West Town neighborhood for a culinary fete in which she'll get to hold (yes, hold) an alligator  and touch a snake as well as sample cooked alligator and goat meat. The popular restaurant/bar Frontier was host for the latest Thrillist event - Culinary Safari (sponsored by Cayman Jack) where lucky attendees who rsvp'd drank bottles of Cayman Jack's Handcrafted Margaritas and dined on delicious food throughout the affair.


Tonight's culinary dish for SouthSide included some Caesar Salad, spicy cornbread, and a 5 cheese Mac-n-Cheese with some roasted pig, wild salmon and (drum roll) alligator meat. Yes, blogspot readers, this reviewer was daring enough to try a few pieces of alligator meat ...and she had to say it did taste like chicken (to her) liking the spicy heat it came with. She didn't try the goat but heard it was very delicious. Also, she sampled some Cayman Jack's Handcrafted Margarita during this event.

Throughout the event, attendees were encouraged to hold and/or pet the wild life as well as take pictures with the alligator and snake. Well, this reviewer only does one reptile a night. So she took a photo with the alligator and petted the snake. There was a blow dart game (not easy as it sounds, blogspot readers) and a couple of mixed-style dancers to entertain us during the evening hours. At one point, one of the dancers did a flip over several people. This reviewer spent a better part of the event hanging out with a professional football (soccer) player, his girlfriend and their guests before having to go home.

It was a fun evening at this safari within a city, blogspot readers...

Until next time, support your local scene,

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