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07 Jun 14

 “...everyone wake up and beware...”

Hey, blogspot readers,  what if Jimi Hendrix and Marvin Gaye had the chance to form a band? It probably would have sounded like the one SouthSide recently reviewed at Elbo Room. This local band combined the fusion of soul, rock funk and hip hop with the lyrical fury within a socio-political message for all which at the end left the audience hungry to hear more. This reviewer highly recommends getting a triple dose of vitamin F known as Fist Funk Fury for its funk-tastic music with a social conscience.
Featuring a quartet of musical talent from bands like Shannon Richardson band and Ballistic, Fist Punk Fury packed a hard punch of truth and wisdom within its strong socio-political songs. And no subject is taboo for them either, blogspot readers, not with songs like Minty Fresh (about the government, high taxes, gas and electric bills which we as society allow until taking it the streets and fight) or Health Don’t Care (believe it or not, the health care system doesn’t care if you live or die). If you listen closely there’s a lot of truth (and power) in the words sung front man , The Legendary Mighty Quinn. He not only mesmerized the audience with his soulful vocals but also the powerful use of his words to get this audience motivated and thinking. Hm, something quite new, huh? Not really, blogspot readers, since this reviewer viewed him as the "new" Marvin Gaye. Think of the songs "What's Going On" and "Mercy, Mercy Me" from the 70s but now add cleverly worded titles like "Mind Regulators" or "Cat-Burglar" (a direct hit towards our politicians) with some lyrical hip hop (at times) and you'll definitely get the picture of this funk band is all about. They're about educating the mind ...motivating people into action ...waking them up to see the lies told and perhaps there will be real change.
Musically, Fist Funk Fury packed a lot of hardcore punches within its soulfully dynamic funk sound. This reviewer enjoyed the rhythmic floetry and fiery spunk heard throughout this set ...lots of energy and momentum to get you groovin' to the beat (while not forgetting you're being educated about the ills of society), blogspot readers. For example during "High" (about the love for Mary Jane), the band took the energy down allowing the rhythmic flow takeover the stage which created a dramatically intense atmosphere for Quinn's vocals to truly shine. Meanwhile, during "F The Police", you certainly felt the electric rock charge within the militant vibe not only from the vocals but also from the entire band as they rocked out the stage with such hardcore rock sound at the instrumental bridge. If you love that wicked guitar stax sound, blogspot readers, then look no further because Fist Funk Fury will certainly please you with all of the stax riffs your ears desire in between the cool melodic rhythms and guitar rock. As an added bonus, the guys totally jammed on a Hendrix classic "Foxy Lady" to which this reviewer found to be so deliciously wicked as they closed out their set though the audience were left wanting more from them. The people were now awake, blogspot readers, and ready for action!

However it wasn't all socio-political with a conscience with Fist Funk Fury. They're also about fun too, blogspot readers. and during their performance you can answer trivia questions for a chance to win some (unique and interesting) prizes. SouthSide correctly answered the last question (though already knowing the frist two) and won a bar of soap. Yep, a bar of soap (the other prizes were a Bic lighter and tube of toothpaste) who knows what prizes for their next performance. 
Looking for wax on wax off kind of funk rock music during the summertime, blogspot readers, then check out Fist Funk Fury when they will be knocking you out at Bada Brew in Joliet, IL on July 12. For more information, visit the guys at

Until next time, support your local scene,

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