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01 Jun 14 - Gipsy Kings

“....Ready for a Gipsy fest, Chicago?

SouthSide certainly was, blogspot readers! She was excited to finally bask within the legendary ...the vibrant folkloric Flamenco sounds of The Gipsy Kings inside the Chicago Theatre. Currently on tour, this group of musician (Arles and Montpellier, located in a region in Southern France) were celebrating 25 years of thrilling sold-out audiences with classic songs like “Vamos A Bailar”, “Sin Ellla” and “Bambeleo” (which was the most fan requested song of the night). As a special treat for all, the sons of Tonnio Baliardo and Nicolas Reyes known as Ole Noys acoustically opened the concert with their own version of the folkloric Flamenco sound.

Ole Noys
Yes, blogspot readers, it’s (probably) mighty shoes for these young musicians to fill however, they handled being in their fathers’ shadow very well by setting themselves somewhat apart from the older legends by making their own style of music. Continuing the tradition that first began with The Gipsy Kings, Ole Noys thrilled the crowded theatre vibrant yet acoustically melodic rhythms which had the musical power of making you want to dance along with this quintet of talented musicians. They certainly captured the vigorous spirit besides inheriting their fathers’ style of highlighting the music romanticism and poetic lyrics in their Spanish-sung songs. Plus, they also boast strong vocal falsettos in which had many silently stirring in their seats. This reviewer enjoyed their attention to detail of keeping the crowd passionately entertained especially when Ole Noys performed a rousing version of Lionel Richie’s 80s hit “All Night Long”. To be honest, blogpot readers, SouthSide thoroughly enjoyed this delightfully energetic cover than its original composition though wishing the group had a few Flamenco dancers to spice up the number a little. This reviewer does see this quintet embarking on their own or possibly fully taking over the family business in the near future ...having about the same music success like their fathers if ever The Gipsy Kings decide to “quit” performing on stage.

After the sons, it was now for the fathers to perform, blogspot readers. Besides celebrating 25 years of introducing and wowing the ears with an energetic fusion of rumba catalana/folkloric Flamenco music amidst their Andalusian-Spanish accent, The Gipsy Kings were also celebrating the release of their new album , “Savor Flamenco”. Throughout the length of this performance, fans were not only thrilled but on the edge of their seats ...sometimes in hushed silence listening attentively and/or dancing in the aisles to the melodic rhythms and strong vibrato vocals which this musical group is famous for, blogspot readers. There wasn’t a moment when fans didn’t stop shouting their favorite song requests to The Gipsy Kings to perform. The most popular one was “Bamboleo”, a song that ultimately catapulted the band towards gaining American fans due to Burger King using the song in its commercials. Even The Gipsy Kings’ instrumental numbers, performed so vigorously with musical passion, had this crowd moving in their seats until they were encourage to “...baile con los Reyes...” (“ with the Kings) during the intensely energetic songs, “Baila Me” and "Vamos A Bailar". With that command, the entire theatre was on its feet ...bailando (dancing) ...fiesta-ing to the melodic rhythms and beat. It was definitely one hot party inside Chicago Theatre while song after song The Gipsy Kings performed moved people (no matter where they sat) to dance. There was one couple near SouthSide dancing a sultry tango at one point of the show just as another couple to her far left took to the aisle for a few spins around. Yet, that’s what The Gipsy Kings enjoys seeing ...their fans really enjoying their music besides sitting and listening to the music.

Overall, it was a magical evening, blogspot readers. The Gipsy Kings’ music may have played a part in creating that magic but it was also the romanticism felt as well as heard in their songs and vocals ...the vibrant poetry set to beautifully strummed folkloric chords ....the fiery passion that set the stage ablaze at song conclusion that left the crowd hungry for more. Never had this reviewer felt so aroused by music when it’s performed like this, blogspot readers. There was a moment when Nicolas dedicated a romantic ballad to all of the ladies in crowd which probably made each woman (including SouthSide) thinking he was singing specially for her. As the stage lights dim to a shadowy blue glow, you were instantly surrounded to a starless atmosphere when Nicolas begun singing (SouthSide believes it was the song "Un Amor") within a dynamic vibrato vocal tone. Oh, feel the heartfelt emotions off the words stirred the depths your soul while enjoying the gently played but energetically strummed music amidst the hushed silence heard throughout the theatre. And that wasn’t the only time, it felt like this, blogspot readers. There were many moments like this one in which not a sound could be heard from the crowd whenever The Gipsy Kings took that vibrant energy down to a gentle lull with bursts of energy as needed during the chorus like in other songs "La Dona" and "Trista Pena".. One of the few times in which this legendary music group had this reviewer literally “melting” in her seat before rousing the crowd into more hand-clapping and cheering ...dancing in the aisles ...creating a grand fiesta of all fiestas, blogspot readers. How could you not dance along with The Gipsy Kings with a party rockin’ the stage this good? Even the introductions of the other members behind the fabulous Gipsy Kings music turned into one long party of its own as they performed solos to showoff their musical talent ...especially the bassist who lit the stage on fire. “Otra! Otra!” (“One more song!” could be head all around when it was all over.
As timeless as The Gipsy King’s music, it crosses all borders, generations and languages ...this reviewer highly recommends catching The Gipsy Kings while on tour with Ole Noys ...and wear your best dancing shoes. blogspot readers.

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